Judge Keeps Anglin Republican Angle Alive

Christopher Anglin

RALEIGH – With time of the utmost importance, a Wake County judge quickly handed a partial victory to attorney and Democratic plant Chris Anglin in his suit contesting a recent law Republican majorities passed to prevent him from being listed as a Republican on the ballot for N.C. Supreme Court when anyone with sense knows otherwise.

The new law stipulated that candidates needed to have a party affiliation for at least 90 days prior to filing for office in order for the party label to be listed on the ballot. That meant Anglin, and a couple other candidates, would have a blank space next to their name.

“Candidates for office shouldn’t be permitted to switch party affiliation at the last possible minute,” [Sen. Phil Berger spokesman Bill] D’Elia said. “The most obvious reason for doing so is to split the vote from one party to benefit the other party, and that type of shenanigans – from Democrats or Republicans – has no place in our state.”

That is exactly what Anglin and all of his Democrat handlers were doing, but the retroactive nature of the legislature’s countermeasure has opened it up to legal complaint.

The win for Anglin is that the judge didn’t throw the case out, for one, and actually extended the deadline for him to withdraw while also halting the commencement of ballot printing for the time being.

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Anglin’s Republican Angle, therefore, remains alive until constitutional arguments can be considered. The judge set the next hearings for next Monday, August 13.


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