Jon Sanders: Read This to See Why 99.83% of People in NC Pose NO THREAT to You Whatsoever of Transmitting COVID-19

RALEIGH – The sky is falling! The Sky is falling!

This is the message emanating from the Office of Governor Roy Cooper since March. Except, worse than Chicken Little, Cooper and the purveyors of Pandemic Panic are blaming YOU for it. They’re shaming YOU for not wearing a mask. Guilt-tripping YOU for going to church. Calling YOU selfish, reckless, and maybe even responsible for killing people, every time you disobey the COVID commands of Dear Leader Roy Cooper.

As Jon Sanders, head of regulatory studies at the John Locke Foundation, puts quite well: It’s all nonsense. And that’s according to the actual science and data.

The good news that the fear mongers don’t want you to hear is that over 99 percent of people are not a threat to you in terms of transmitting the novel coronavirus.

From Sanders as published by the John Locke Foundation:

““Wear The Mask! Your mask keeps me safe, and my mask keeps you safe,” said the display a local gasoline station.

Businesses have to do what they can to survive, and I suppose if it promotes good will and public spirit and keeps their doors open and paying their employees, all the better. But it’s still nonsense.

Read on to see why 99.83% of people in NC pose no threat to you whatsoever of transmitting COVID-19.

The nonsense has been deliberately fostered by, among others, the Cooper administration, national and local media, and celebrity culture. It’s fed a popular misconception that the biggest threat to you is another fellow citizen who looks and feels perfectly healthy and isn’t wearing a mask. [Read these links on the science about wearing face masks and about the lack of transmission risk from people showing no symptoms.]

Supposedly, it works like this: When people first contract COVID-19, they don’t have symptoms like fever and coughing, but their silent virus is somehow super infectious at that stage, unlike with other previously known viruses. So someone who feels great and doesn’t have any sign of the virus (“asymptomatic”) could be fine — or he could be a walking plague monster turning every venue into a potential “super-spreader” event. You could be. People actually believe that stuff, and it terrifies them. […]

I don’t think people have any idea how very few people in North Carolina on any particular day pose a risk to them, however small, of passing along the virus. The only people who can do it are the ones with active cases. As of Monday, Sept. 14, there were 15,464 active cases, and it was down from 18,288 last week.

The population of the entire state of North Carolina is over 10.63 million.

What, you heard there were 185,781 cases in North Carolina? Except for government and media tallies, those aren’t cases in perpetuity. Most of those cases have recovered — 167,257 presumed recoveries, in fact.

As of Monday, 90% of COVID-19 patients had recovered. Nine out of 10 cases are not active. Someone who has recovered from the virus is no longer infectious.

You know who else isn’t infectious? People who have never had the virus. And in North Carolina, 98.22% of people have never had a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Think about that: 98.22% of folks you’d sit next to at a bar, watch a movie with, or stand next to in line to vote have never even had the virus.

Now, when you factor in that 90% of the remaining 1.8% have recovered, here’s what that means: 99.83% of people in NC pose no threat to you whatsoever of transmitting the virus. […]”

Read on to see why the SCIENCE and DATA, as Jon Sanders explains, shows you should get out, go out, and live your life.

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