It’s Spreading: Buncombe County Commission Passes Reparations Resolution

BUNCOMBE COUNTY – The City of Asheville was the first mover; voting in favor of reparations for black residents in an effort to promote ‘equity’ and combat ‘Systemic Racism’ and the legacy of slavery. Now, it’s spreading.

Buncombe County commissioners passed a resolution Tuesday, 4-3 along party lines, to offer reparations to create a more “equitable and just community.”

“Our communities of color that are most impacted by structural racism and inequities have asked for us to hear them and respond to their requests.” Buncombe County Commissioner Amanda Edwards

The resolution does not call for direct payments, rather it shrouds indirect payments in the form of ‘racial equity’ initiatives in education, healthcare, and the economy that specifically target black residents of the county. Because, to fight racism, one must employ racism?

The resolution also formally apologizes for the county’s role in slavery — not that anyone currently in the county has anything to do whatsoever with slavery — and any policies that contributed to racial inequity.

It is propelled by the same basic ideology that holds whiteness to represent a moral deficit and explains all racially disparate outcomes in any category as the result of systemic racism.

Interestingly, there was initial uncertainty about support for the measure because Commissioner Al Whitesides, a Democrat and the only black person on the commission, was AGAINST such a move at first. So what changed?

From Asheville Citizen-Times:

“[…] Whitesides, who participated in early local desegregation efforts, had said the county’s own groundbreaking initiatives on race were a form of reparations and it wasn’t necessary to join the city. But his mind has changed since then.

“It’s time for us to do something,” he said. “I just hope we have the guts to finish what we start.”

Whitesides said it’s especially important to address the “800-pound gorilla” of racism when “we have one of the most racist presidents that’s been in the White House during my time.””

Could it be that Whitesides was reminded of the consequences of not toeing the Woke line of the Left?

The American Left; where eight years of a black president somehow morphs into the ‘800-pound gorilla of racism’ in America. Where the following president, whose policies helped create the most prosperous economic atmosphere for minorities EVER, is labeled ‘the most racist president’ over a time period that literally included racial segregation.

Whitesides independent thinking has succumb to the Critical Race Theory dogma that currently dominates the Democrats’ cultural narrative. He wonders why ‘every black man’ isn’t in the streets to ‘burn it all down,’ and says they’re just asking for a ‘level playing field.’

“It’s a wonder that every Black man my age in America isn’t out there in the streets saying, ‘I’m gonna burn the place down’ because of what they’ve gone through,” he said. “But we’re not that way because we want to see changes. We want to see our kids, our grandkids and all be successful. Most of all, give Black people in this country a level playing field. That’s all we’re asking for.”

That last comment may earn Whitesides a trip back to the Woke Re-education Center, because a level playing field is NOT what they are asking for. In fact, a level playing field –the sort of which provided by living up to America’s promises of unalienable rights, Individual Liberty, equality under the law, and being judged by the content of you character rather than immutable characteristics — is what the Woke are fighting AGAINST.

They are fighting AGAINST the U.S. Constitution and the American idea that underpins it. Instead, what the Woke Warriors are fighting for is a field decidedly slanted in favor of black Americans, trans Americans, and [insert social justice victim class here] to provide ‘equity.’

Congratulations Buncombe County; you’ve been elevated to the next level of Woke, embracing a system that expressly judges people by the color of their skin. How very racist of you.

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