Introducing Mark Robinson for NC Lieutenant Governor

Last week, the Republican Women of Pitt County and the Pitt County GOP held a joint monthly meeting to hear candidate for NC Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson.

We know there are several candidates who have already declared their campaign for NC Lieutenant Governor, such as Buddy Bengal (NC Education Lottery Commissioner), Scott Stone (former state rep), Andy Wells (current state senator), Greg Gebhardt (NC National Guardsman and army vet), Deborah Cochran (former mayor of Mount Airy), and Renee Elmers (disgraced former US congresswoman from district 2). And then there is Mark Robinson. Mark stands out from the other candidates for one very special reason – he is not a politician, he has no political experience, and he has no money. He is a businessman, a man who has worked in the furniture industry. He is simply an ordinary citizen who has finally had enough of the nonsensical liberal policies that are threatening his precious liberties, he has dared to push back against city government in a very vocal and public way, and he wants very badly to use his enormous voice and his unbridled passion to represent the good and decent law-abiding citizens of our state against the looney left.

Mark is exactly the type of candidate that our Founders envisioned – a citizen servant. A person of the community who steps up to serve to make sure government remains accountable to the people it serves and respects the rights it is obligated to secure, and then goes back to his community to resume his business.

So who is Mark Robinson? Mark, the man, is a strong Christian and a strong conservative. He believes government is best when it governs least. His devout faith and the experiences of his life have shaped who he is and how he thinks. Mark, the candidate, is running as defined by 4 categories. He puts them in order this way: He is running first and foremost as a Christian, then he is running as an American (“Notice I did not say African-American. I am simply an American. I was not born in Africa, I have no relatives in Africa, I have not visited Africa, and when my ancestors were brought over here on slave ships, no one from Africa tried to stop them and no one from Africa came to America to fight to bring them back home.”), then he is running as a Conservative, and finally, he is running as a Republican. How he identifies himself says a lot about who he is as a man and who he is as a candidate.

We first took notice of Mark back in April 2018 when he stood up defiantly against the Greensboro City Council and delivered a passionate and heartfelt speech on the right to bear arms. The speech was captured on video and went viral, being viewed close to a million times (according to Mark). Those few minutes in front of the Greensboro City Council, and those words and those sentiments were enough to catch the attention of FOX News, other news outlets in the US, and news outlets and groups all around the world. He was invited on FOX & Friends, he was interviewed by Lara Trump, and has visited and spoken all around the country (as far west as Las Vegas) and all around the world (as far east as Germany).

What did Mark say to the Greensboro City Council? Here is the transcript of his remarks:

“I heard a whole lot of people talking here tonight about this group and that group, about domestic violence, about blacks, and about this minority and that minority. My question is this: When are you going to stand up for the majority? And here’s who the majority is – I’M THE MAJORITY !! I’m a law-abiding citizen who never shot anybody, who never committed a serious crime, and who never committed a felony. I’ve never done anything like that. But it seems that every time we have one of these shootings, nobody wants to put the blame where it belongs, which is on the shooter. You want to put the blame on me. You want to turn around and restrict my right – my constitutional right that is spelled out in black and white. You want to restrict my right to buy a firearm to protect myself from some of the very same people you’re talking about here tonight. It’s ridiculous. I don’t think Rod Serling could have come up with a better script. It does not make any sense. The law-abiding citizens of this community and in many communities around this country are the first ones taxed, the last ones considered, and the first ones punished when things like this happen because it’s our rights that are being taken away. That’s the reason why I came down here today. Gun Show or no Gun Show, NRA or no NRA… I’m here to stand up for the law-abiding citizens of this community because I’m gonna tell you what’s going to happen…. The Crypts and the Bloods on the other side of town are not going to turn their guns in. They’re gonna hold onto them. What gonna happen when you send the police down there to take them? The police can barely enforce the laws as it is. From what I see, we demonize the police, we criminalize and vilify them and make the criminals into victims. And we talk about restricting guns?? How are we going to do that? How are we going to enforce the law when the police are already hamstrung? You’re not going to be able to go down there and take the guns away from these criminals. So the criminals are going to hang onto their guns. They’re still gonna have them. They’re still gonna break into my house and they’re still gonna shoot me with them. And guess who’s gonna be the one who suffers? It’s gonna be me.

Well, I’m here to tell you tonight that it is NOT going to happen without a fight. And when I say ‘fight,’ I don’t mean shots fired and I don’t mean fists thrown. I mean I am going to come down here to this City Council and raise hell just like those lunatics from the left do until you listen to the majority of the people of this city. I AM THE MAJORITY. The majority of the people in this community are law-abiding and they follow the law and they want their Constitutional right to bear arms. They want to be able to go to the Gun Show and buy a hunting rifle or a sport rifle. There are no military-grade weapons sold at a gun show. An AR-15 is not a military-grade weapon. Anybody who would go into combat with an AR-15 is a fool. It’s a semi-automatic 22 rifle. You’d be killed in 15 minutes in combat with that thing. We need to dispel all these myths and we need to stop all this division because the bottom line is that when the Second Amendment was written, whether the Framers liked it or not, they wrote it for everybody. AND I’M EVERYBODY! And the law-abiding citizens of this city are Everybody. And we want our rights and we want to keep them. And by God, we will, come hell or high water !”

We like what we heard from him at that Greensboro City Council meeting and we like what we heard from him yesterday at the joint Republican Women of Pitt County/ Pitt County GOP meeting. By all indications, he is the real deal.

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