Hussein Hill: Will This Election Save America? Or Destroy It?

Hussein Hill

(Hussein Hill is a true American Nationalist, and culturally libertarian, content creator. He creates content that promotes the individual, art, pro American/Western values and the destruction of the modern, Marxist narrative. You can follow his Youtube channel, and SubcribeStar account for more compelling content on the culture wars.)

Since the 2018 midterms till now, Americans have been fed the same cliched catchphrase that has been trotted out during every presidential race.  “This is the most important election of our lifetime.”  Up until 2020, this overused phrase was met with justifiable skepticism by the majority of the electorate. 

However, now things feel different.  For most Americans, this phrase seems to now carry real, tangible weight.  The potential outcome of the election cycle has captivated the imagination of the American public and filled us with a few visceral, emotional responses.  Responses such as fear, anger, excitement, anticipation, doubt, mania, and a palpable sense of uncertainty. 

The question is why?  Why does the political struggle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden feel less like just another election; and more like an existential battle for the very soul of our nation?  In my estimation, it feels that way because that is exactly what we are witnessing. 

We have recently witnessed events that are unprecedented in modern political history. We have seen mainstream media outlets, public figures, and politicians blatantly endorse acts of violent, Marxist terrorists.  In the past, racial and leftist riots were met with measured criticisms as well as the condemnation of any violence that may have been inflicted upon the general public.  One can question whether those were genuine attempts at critical analysis or just milquetoast lip service for mainstream media viewers.  Nevertheless, at the very least, there used to be a sense that the media cared about the livelihood of law-abiding Americans.  That is no longer the case. 

In fact, the same cultural gatekeepers that fawn over these anti-white, anti-western radicals actively attack innocent citizens.  Whether it be motorists trying to make it through the sea of rioters that have become commonplace in many major cities across the country, or average citizens being forced to take up arms against said rioters when attacked; the media is determined to make these victims of political violence into white nationalist, militia men.  The McCloskeys and Kyle Rittenhouse are just two glaring examples of this terrifying trend.  A married couple who defended their property from Black Lives Matter have become a symbol of aristocratic, white supremacy.  A 17 year old who defended his life against participants of a violent demonstration of which he attempted to provide crowd control for; is now a far right domestic terrorist. 

Presidential debates are no longer televised events that only attract viewers in their fifties and older.  They are now prime-time viewing for the youth.  Teenagers as well as people in their twenties or thirties; rush to their favorite hangout spots to catch whatever political theater will be played out during this week’s debate.  These debates have become America’s most popular sporting event.  For those watching, the stakes have become higher than some arbitrary trophy.  

This phenomenon is not only limited to the debates.  National political proceedings have all gained massive public attention and viewership. Pop culture has become political and politics have become popular.  On the one hand, it is great to see younger demographics take a sincere interest in politics.  On the other hand, there is something ominous about a large swath of the population; treating superficial, hyper-partisan, heartless bureaucracy as a quasi-religion or cult. When this occurs, you know you are on the precipice of a societal collapse.  The record high gun sales should be all the evidence we need to prove it.

Now, this might be the part of the article where some might expect me to make the case for the equal contribution to political polarization and commercialization; on the part of the right wing.  Well, I won’t because that would be a lie.  The right wing did not kick off the Trump administration with petulant violence and mayhem. The right wing did not turn hating Donald trump into the format of most mainstream news programs and every late night comedy show.  The right wing  did not label anyone brandishing a sitting president’s merchandise as a Neo-Nazi worthy of demonization or death.  The right wing did not deem all individuals of European descent as well as the entire western world; as intrinsically tyrannical.  The right wing did not deny the existence of a communist, terrorist organization and merely claimed that it is “just an idea”.  The right wing did not call one of the most pro-Israel presidents of American history, anti-Semitic.  The right wing has not emboldened nationwide rioting, looting and murder in the streets while claiming that it is some form of civil rights movement.  The right wing did not put forth the idea of abolishing the police.  There can be no reconciliation of the political divide if we are not going to be honest with ourselves. All Americans must acknowledge that the Left is responsible for the initiation and the continuous escalation of this culture war.  

With that said, the right wing is not innocent. The two major failings of the Right are ones that I have continuously pointed out in the past.  They are general cowardice and a proclivity to exploit the current political disarray in order to advance superficial, self-indulgent political campaigns.  Anyone who either refuses to adhere to or criticizes this behavior is immediately slandered by and expelled from the polite circles of mainstream conservative culture. 

Not only have I experienced this firsthand, but we have all recently seen Republican representatives condemn any individuals who dare challenge the establishment without trying to play Republican optics games.  This ranges from Congressman Denver Rigglemen’s condemnation of the ferociously, anti-sex trafficking movement known as QAnon; to Senators Tim Scott, Lindsay Graham and even Donald Trump himself on Fox condemning the boisterous, pro-western, highly effective, multi-racial group known as the Proud Boys. This refusal to back the politically incorrect cultural warriors of the right wing is not only shameful; it will be the nail in the coffin for any attempt at staving off the radicalism of the neo-Marxist Left. The American public deserves better than two major parties that cannot offer a sense of principled, America first convictions nor a pragmatic grasp on reality when addressing the future of our nation.

This begs the question, what will this election bring with it?  With all of the factors that I’ve laid out; will the results of this election make things better or exponentially worse?  This question has been on my mind on a daily to weekly basis.  I am sure I am not alone in this.  The honest answer is, nobody knows.  How could we? However, I have two predictions that I think are highly likely.  Both are based on what I believe we can expect if the issues I mentioned earlier are not addressed, changed or resisted in any way.  Let’s begin with Trump and the Republicans.

If they win under the current circumstances, I believe it will be a slow march to sociopolitical implosion. I take no pleasure in the saying this as an active Republican who is in fact looking to vote for Trump.  So, let me explain. The victory of Trump will instill the Republicans with a false sense of security and smug complacency.  The leadership of the party will feel no pressure or need to reflect upon areas of improvement.  In their eyes, they would have done everything right.  Therefore, the same old issues will continue to fester; causing the massive schism between bureaucrats and dyed-in-the-wool activists within the party to grow.

Meanwhile, the Left will, of course, double down on their violent, vitriolic tactics and methodologies.  More conservatives, libertarians and apolitical citizens will die at the hands of political radicals. Media and corporate censorship will increase.  The Republican Party has already shown the public what it is willing to do when given political victory and power in face of militant opposition.  Almost nothing at all.

There will be incremental, economic improvements here and there in order to make life relatively bearable for Americans.  Foreign affairs will remain stagnant and/or uneventful.  However, nothing will be done to truly stop the Left wing vengeance that will be enacted upon the populous.  That is when disenfranchised Americans will flood the ranks of actual, militant, fascistic, right wing groups.  Who cares if the stock market is recovering when your city is being overrun by Marxist terrorists?  This of course will lead to a chain of virtually, never ending, violent skirmishes spreading across our entire country.  For context, look at the once economically flourishing city of Portland, Oregon.  What used to be a metropolitan, hipster-esque, niche and relatively affordable place to live; has devolved into a first world replica of a third world country.

The only fail-safe in this timeline would be a truly re-energized, determined, politically expedient and rhetorically evolved Donald Trump.  However, I do not think we can or should count on him to turn the tide. Trump has done a lot of unprecedented things that are worth acknowledging, but he has yet to effectively push back against the dystopian powderkeg we are lurching towards.  At best, Donald Trump is a political hurdle for the Left; not a brick wall.  This leads me right into the possible victory of Joe Biden, (Kamala Harris if we’re being honest here) and the Democrats.

This prediction is pretty straightforward because the Left has shown and told us exactly what they plan to do.  I think the only surprising prediction I have is of the massive arrests of low level, Antifa and BLM affiliates that will occur.  One thing many forget about the DNC leadership is that they are die hard corporatists.  More so than even some RINOs. All they care about is the bottom line and maintaining influence and leadership. What they are likely to do is promote the high level, community leaders of these groups into positions of political influence, while they sacrifice the foot soldiers to appease the sensibilities of mainstream America.  This has played itself out in every historically relevant, left-wing revolution.  The ones on the front lines are always the first to be slaughtered.  Not to mention, Joe and Kamala are not what you would call prison reformists by any stretch of the imagination.

Other than that, the Democrats will bring charges against every prominent member of the Trump administration; the leadership of the Trump campaign; anyone sympathetic to him in the Republican Party; prominent right wing figures; and leaders of organizations that are overtly anti-establishment.  

Police departments will be overrun with bizarre, leftist administrative branches; designed to enforce a corporatized, intersectionality-based, legal standard.   The economy will be, either, severely halted or completely shut down once more; speech codes will be codified into law; physical, political and/or legal abuse against verified right-wingers will be ignored and possibly celebrated.  In short, it will be hell. 

In the face of these two predictions, and given their rather bleak outcomes, why would I still vote for Trump and what can be done to avoid them?  I think the answer is complex but necessary.  We, as Americans, need to reject the brand of tyrannical, intersectional, race-baiting, “woke”, cultural Marxism that has infected every aspect of our lives. We need to put politics back in it’s appropriate, social box as just a way of conducting infrastructural conversations; not a blood sport that seeks to win a zero sum game.  We need to dismantle the non-negotiable platform of the modern Democrat Party.  We need to constantly call out the hubris and elitism of the modern Republican Party.  We must fight to put the interests of all American citizens first; irrespective of metropolitan sensitivities. 

Donald Trump is the only candidate that will allow for a window of opportunity to do this.  His administration is one of legal stability, economic prosperity and state autonomy.  If we do not make strides to rectify the many faults we have brought upon ourselves; I fear that any outcome of the November 3rd election will spell the beginning of the end for this once great nation. 

(Hussein Hill is a true American Nationalist, and culturally libertarian, content creator. He creates content that promotes the individual, art, pro American/Western values and the destruction of the modern, Marxist narrative. You can follow his Youtube channel, and SubcribeStar account for more compelling content on the culture wars.)

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