Hussein Hill: This is Not a War of the Right Vs the Left. This is a War of Americans Vs Cultural Marxists.

(Hussein Hill is an independent, right leaning, libertarian content creator and political activist that lives in North Carolina. He recently had an event canceled in Cary, North Carolina because Antifa sympathizers flooded the venue with protests and threats. He writes here about the larger culture war of which that was merely one battle.)


In this modern world of political disarray and conflict, we’ve seemed to have reached a point of almost irreconcilable tribalism and cultural fracturing.  Americans are starting to distrust their neighbors, family and friends. In face of this, we have been convinced that it is a war of Republicans vs Democrats, the right wing vs the left wing or Trump supporters vs Anti-fascists.  Although those dichotomies do exist and are fueling the culture war thus far, there is a larger conflict at play. It’s deeper than some modern struggle of current political affiliations or attempting to win future elections. The remnants of a broken European ideology has been allowed to fester and grow into a vengeful, venomous and socially acceptable, cultural prescription.  This is known among right wing circles as cultural Marxism. A term that leftist academics have spent years trying to invalidate but, none the less, promulgate throughout universities, high schools, media and modern art.

Pundits, of various political stripes, disseminate the narrative that this conflict is merely political.  Pushing the idea that the solutions to our problem can be solved with voting on the right policy or getting the perfect candidate into any given office.  This could not be further from the truth. Just look at the far left, neo Marxist political operatives that currently occupy the Democratic Party like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, both of whom rushed to the financial aid of arrested Antifa members, or Antifa themselves.  You can see a new, viscerally anti-western armada that has descended upon our country. 

Let me be clear, the Democrats have long since had a Marxist undertone.  Marxism, in its original, economic iteration, is the desire to enact a dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society.  Key word, dictatorship. This is why the economic left wing was such an appealing political prescription in Europe and later on in America. It speaks to the heart of the envious proclivity of the human psyche.  Someone is doing better than me, therefore, that someone has to go, permanently. Once the economic model was shown to lead to such horrors as seen in Germany, Russia and China, it was dispensed with. Hence, the introduction of a slew of Marxist inspired disciplines that undergird the majority of humanities studies in western colleges. 

These disciplines, such as post structuralism, deconstructionism and new historicism, focused less on economic parameters and more on social ones.  Their collective focus was to reframe the fundamental impetus of western culture as a series of traditionalist, vestigial, Eurocentric, male dominated infrastructures.   This was meant, basically, to rectify the failures of economic revolution with the idea that tyranny is ingrained in the very being of various societal groups and institutions. This narrative was an easy sell to the many ethnic, sexual and political minorities that began to characterize most of the American, civil rights movements.   You can see this progression play out when looking at the post WWII, Democratic Party to its current state.

  Democrats initially focused on the welfare state, labor unions, anti-corporate and anti-bank measures.  With that said, there was still a sense that Democrats actually revered the benevolence of traditional America. The best, recent, examples of this was the immigration policies of the Clinton administration, Hillary Clinton’s early views on gay marriage as well Barak Obama’s initial immigration policy and traditional marriage rhetoric.  Interestingly enough, those three individuals were politically groomed to implement the cultural Marxist ethos that characterized the late 60’s and 70’s. The massive shift from economic to social revolution, seemed to have truly started with Barack Obama. Perhaps the reality that individuals who live in a capitalist society aren’t easily swayed by economic state coercion, played a part in the transformation.  Regardless, there is now a definite split between the radically anti-borders, anti-western left and their more economically, statist predecessors. You are even seeing the neo, white nationalist types adopt an inverted, socialist, political prescription as a reaction to the anti-western left and failed, neo conservatism of yesteryear. Why is this occurring? Simple, vengeance and hubris. We are in a war between Americans who are humbly trying to maintain and improve upon what we have, versus those who seek to usher in vague utopias.

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