Hussein Hill: The Failures of the Modern Right Wing

Conservatives like to sit back and complain about the left.  We like to use the Democratic Party as a way to garner a voting base and subsequently catalyze the “us versus them” dichotomy in order to further any given superficial political victory.  We have also begun to praise the superficial fandom of our current president. Anyone who brandishes a MAGA hat and claims to support Trump, automatically becomes the next big thing and or a “true conservative”.  Meanwhile, we ignore the concerns of everyday Americans, censor ideas that run contrary to mainstream Republican status quo, capitulate to the leftist cultural gate-keepers and cower in the face of actual opposition.  The modern GOP is allowing our civilization to lurch towards complete implosion, all in the name of campaign victories and temporary notoriety. We are failing our country.

Let us begin with policy.  Mainstream Republicans expound the importance of constitutionalism, a thriving economy, the sovereignty of our nation and a healthy family unit.  However, they seem complacent with compromising the security and flourishing of those societal elements. When Republicans in Washington D.C. propose the idea of violating the second amendment, whether it be bump stock bans or Red Flag laws, squeamish moderates across the nation seem to find these measures acceptable.  They believe as long as Republican officials propose it, it will certainly never have the same results as the anti-gun legislation put forth by the Democrats. If a conservative suggests that a protectionist approach to industrial security could be a better move than international, loose trade agreements with hostile nations, said conservative is charged with violating the sacred altar of laissez faire capitalism.   

Apparently, the creed of purist, academic conservatism overrules the importance of keeping trade based jobs from being outsourced for the highest bidder or completely phased out by arbitrary, profit driven advancements.  Not only have the Republicans failed to build a secure border wall, the party continuously attempts to maintain a flow of steady immigration from countries that are culturally sympathetic to dictatorial, socialist regimes or have stricter, race based forms of immigration enforcement.  Primarily, South American countries. The mere suggestion of a temporary halt on immigration in order to facilitate cohesive assimilation is unheard of and considered “xenophobic” by many within the upper class, metropolitan contingency of the right wing. Not to mention the fact that the hawkish, neoconservatives seem hellbent on involving the US in foreign conflicts that have little to no direct benefit for the American people, cost us the lives of American soldiers and exacerbate foreign animus from nations that have a long history of anti-American sentiments.  We can’t expect to rectify countries in the Middle East if they both hate us and have no intention of achieving peace within their own countries. 

Establishment Republicans are completely fine with attempting to reach an illusory middle ground with the pro abortionist left.  There are no robust discussions about ways to incentivize healthy family units via merit based, tax breaks, nonprofit family support, or a complete restructuring of the current, public education system. Instead, the GOP attempts to reach a legislative bargain with a political collective that keeps moving the goal-posts on when it is appropriate to terminate an infant out of convenience.  Instead of standing strong on the defense of rights for the unborn, we have begun to entertain state sanctioned, pre-birth eugenics in the hopes of staving off the termination of fully formed babies. As we can see from current platform of the DNC, that methodology has failed miserably. You don’t have to be a monotheist to understand that your species should not exterminate itself on a political whim.     

Now, on to the cultural aspect of this current struggle.  In an attempt to move away from some of the hyper traditionalist ethos of past right wing movements, mainstream Republicans have attempted to appeal to social liberalism.  On the face of it, this seems like an entirely reasonable political strategy. After all, we need only to look at the theocracies of old, as well as within the modern Middle East, to see exactly how militant fundamentalism leads to a plethora of human rights violations.  With that said, there is a difference between political adaptation and complete capitulation. In my humble opinion, Republicans have crossed that threshold. In the case of “LGBTQ” or gay rights; The mainstream right has gone from trying to reach merit-based treatment of non-heterosexuals to conceding cultural and legislative ground to anti-Christian, anti-science radicals who have contempt for traditional American, heterosexual modes of being.  

We as conservatives have dispensed with attempting to explain that societal, evolutionary outliers do not invalidate the normative parameters of the majority of the species. Objective, biological reality is no longer a factor in the modern discussion.  What has become paramount is a push to bolster the subjective world view of a handful of activists, even if it means the erosion of the traditional family unit, the infringement of religious freedoms or the incentivizing of gender confusion, pederasty and exploitative, sexual nihilism.

The establishment right has also adopted the proclivities of cultural gate-keeping as seen by our leftist counterparts.   Discussions of nationalism and cultural isolationism have become taboos among conservative circles. One cannot examine the nuance of foreign interventionism, specifically the Middle Eastern conflict, without being called a “neo fascist” or an “anti-Semite”.  Ideological complexities, with regards to America’s involvement in such affairs, are immediately met with hostility and disdain. This is intellectually dishonest and cedes dangerous ground to the censorious left as well as reductive, reactionary far right who rely on the elitism of mainstream Republicans to bolster their numbers. As someone who receives vitriol from both of the aforementioned factions, continuously, I absolutely relate to this phenomena.  You can be unequivocally against the tyrannical nature of Islam, viscerally support the intrinsic right for the Jewish people to exist freely and support a more hands off approach to Middle Eastern involvement, simultaneously. Instead, shallow, commercialized support for our president along with a “members only” mentality has taken hold of the imagination of the modern conservative tapestry. In the face of instances like the attack of the Covington Catholic students, mainstream conservatives will rush to social media to virtue signal to earn their own version of “woke points”.  There is also the issue of online censorship which continuously violates the first amendment rights of Americans and that is exacerbated by the inaction of economic purists that prefer the corporate autonomy of treasonous, corrupt institutions over the rights of private citizens.    

It seems like the only popular voice in public life who is even beginning to scratch the surface of these issues is Tucker Carlson.  A temperamental Libertarian who understands the necessity of national identity, economic stability for the working class, sovereignty of the citizen and the shortcomings of foreign nation building. If voices like his are not allowed to flourish within the conservative milieu, where does that leave the rest of us?  What will become of the lower class Americans, who have seen the harsher side of life but have achieved a sense of conservative, philosophical presuppositions? How will ideologically traditionalist Americans deal with laws that force them to violate their religious/moral parameters in order to appease some vague, totalitarian, postmodern and corporate agenda?  To what extent do you think young white, anti-racist Americans will go to obtain a sense of self-worth in a society that condemns them as intrinsically racist, merely based on the virtue of their European ancestry?   

I will tell exactly where this will lead.  It will lead to reactionary, totalitarian resolves. A phenomena that I personally detest but is slowly gaining ground in the face of the inability of the establishment right to truly evolve.

There is nothing wrong with putting America first.  There is nothing wrong with upholding the idea that traditional gender roles are both beneficial and necessary. There is nothing wrong with being pro-life.  There is nothing wrong with admitting that America can never solve the entirety of the world’s problems. There is nothing wrong with realizing that in order to enjoy the economic and cultural benefits that we have; one must acknowledge that there are foreign nations who are actively seeking to destroy them.  I will never claim to have all the answers. To do so is extraordinarily arrogant. I will say, that if we do not begin to embrace these contentious and pivotal discussions within our respective political circles; we will lose the trust of the average American citizen. In fact, it has already begun to occur.  If we claim to be the side that represents all Americans, we need to start acting accordingly.

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