Hussein Hill: The Classist Left

As much as Republicans hate to discuss the subject of classism, I believe it is a worthwhile discussion to be had in order to properly analyze the current state of American politics.  In the past, the cultural left utilized the disenfranchisement of the lower classes to recruit activists, political operatives, and cultural figures. They exploited the frustrations of individuals who felt displaced by various economic shortcomings and corruption.  However, the political evolution of the left has shown us that their concern with the downtrodden was merely a rhetorical facade in order to push a radical social-engineering agenda. They wanted to usher in a pristine, exclusive, anti-traditionalist utopia. This disconnect from the average American was clearly demonstrated in the 2016 election of President Trump.  Now in 2019, we can see examples of the classist vitriol being directed even toward otherwise left-leaning American citizens, in addition to Americans as a whole. Let us dive into the many manifestations of the elitist disdain held by the modern left.

The most glaring example of the left’s elitist proclivities can be seen in their hatred of the first amendment.  The left purports to be in the business of protecting the vulnerable from the indifferent and callous whims of a fascistic majority.  They claim that words can in fact lead to the mass genocide of specific communities and so it is their moral responsibility to prevent any such atrocities from taking place.  The problem is that they are selling half-truths and they are fully aware of it. Language can in fact be used to destroy the lives of any given individual. This is why the left does just that.  Leftists have no problem with calling gay, black, Latino and even pagan conservatives Nazis and fascists. Since I fall into all four of those categories, you can only imagine what they think of me.  They have no problem inciting violence against high school children who merely brandish political merchandise that run contrary to their ideologies. 

But what kind of speech do they feel is prohibited?  What sort of speech do leftists think is off-limits? They oppose any and all speech that supports biological reality, Christian traditionalism, western pride, American patriotism, or that which blatantly criticizes the ideological platform of the DNC.  Basically, the left detests sentiments that are shared by more than half of the American public. Specifically, the working class. Intersectionality, progressive politics, anti-white racism and militant feminism are values not shared by most Americans, outside of metropolitan cities and college campuses.  Recently, the overtly classist hand of the left was shown in the state of Massachusetts. Boston Democrat, state Rep. Dan Hunt has proposed banning the ‘b-word’ when used to demean another person. The penalties range from monetary fines to actual jail time, up to six months to be exact. Anyone who has ever been to Boston is beyond aware of what socioeconomic class would be disproportionately affected by this sort of legislation.

Another example of this class divide can be seen within the media and the tech industry.   These institutions, which both cater to and are run by some of the wealthiest people in the world, claim to stand for the cultural underdog.  They promulgate concepts like charity, philanthropy, workers’ rights and individuality. They push this shallow rhetoric while simultaneously producing propaganda against a democratically elected president whose administration has ushered in a flourishing economy, the lowest rate of unemployment in fifty years, reformation of the prison system, and has galvanized an anti-establishment, free speech movement.   Specifically in the tech sphere, massive platforms have continuously engaged in the targeted censorship and de-platforming of individuals who dare counter the leftist orthodoxy. They clamber on about the importance of “diverse voices” yet scoff at and actively work against those who present unfashionable opinions. Even folks on the left side of the political divide are not safe some from this hypocritical totalitarianism.   One needs only to look at what happened when folks like Kanye West, Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman, Dave Chappelle and now Miley Cyrus with her “you don’t have to be gay” statement; step outside of the acceptable parameters of their elitist circles.   

Lastly, another example of the left’s own classism is the state of the Democratic Party.   The Democrats, as a whole, have completely given up on even pretending to care about the concerns of the middle and/or working class.  When candidates like Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard attempt to bring these kinds of issues to the forefront, they are deemed as vestigial, out of touch and even enemies to the Democratic left.   No longer are they entertaining ideas that will address immigration reform, the retaining of American industries or cohesive foreign policy. Instead, they are actively pushing corporatist interests, censorship, socialist economics and open borders.  The current DNC platform would result in the complete evisceration of American cultural, economic and national survival. This is most telling when you see the feverish attempt to push for the impeachment of Trump. They are fully aware that they have lost the trust and loyalty of the general public.  The only hand they can play is the NPC, “Orange Man bad” card. 

For the exception of some neoconservative, establishment types; the overwhelming classist push is coming from the modern left.  The reason why Trump was elected and why Tulsi Gabbard is gaining a cult of personality is simple. Both figures represent the frustrations of the average American.  They are the answer to those who have felt forgotten and discarded by the modern world. Americans want jobs. Americans want families. Americans want to have their soldiers to come home in one piece.  Americans want freedom. Americans want to feel American. The modern left is the political collective of the corporatist, totalitarian elite. Their attempt to sell empathy for the lower classes has finally failed.  They are now being seen for what they have always been: Utopian, affluent, totalitarians who want to sculpt society into some bizarre, intersectional paradise. Unfortunately for them, Americans do not want to live in that world and most will die before they are forced to do so.

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