Hussein Hill: Corruption, Race, Tribalism, and the Modern Status Quo

(Hussein Hill is a true American Nationalist, and culturally libertarian, content creator. He creates content that promotes the individual, art, pro American/Western values and the destruction of the modern, Marxist narrative. You can follow his Youtube channel, and SubcribeStar account for more compelling content on the culture wars.)

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdowns; we have seen various disturbing developments within modern, American life.  We have seen the expansion of local governments and their overreach of control over their citizens.  We have seen draconian lockdown measures.  We have seen the closure of businesses and the enactment of state to state curfews.  We have seen law enforcement violate the constitutional rights of citizens as well as using excessive force with potential suspects.  We have seen leftist, radical, cultural Marxists use political warfare in our streets to reshape local and federal legislation.  We have seen innocent members of law enforcement be viciously targeted for the sins of some of their corrupt peers.  We have seen local governments hinder police officers from protecting the American public.  We have seen a wave of unemployment sweep our nation, leaving hundreds without any means to provide for themselves or their families. We have seen a rise of depression, suicide, apathy and an overall since of despair among the American people in the face of the current state of our country.  This is where we are unfortunately at as a nation.  There is no way to sugar coat this reality or try to repackage it in a palatable or comforting manner.   How did we get here?  Who benefits from this socio-political disarray continuing?  Is there any redemption going forward?   I would like to try to answer these inquiries in this piece. 

From the election of Donald Trump till now, the political left has set their sights on controlling the cultural narrative of mainstream America.  Many attempts have been launched leading up to the current chaos that is playing itself out on our streets.  They tried to frame Trump’s stance on immigration as xenophobic.  They attempted to use the horrific tribalism of Charlottesville’s, “Unite the Right Rally” as evidence of some uprising of Trump inspired white nationalism.  They have even tried to accuse various right-wing, grassroots groups of being shock troops of the “Trump, Pence Regime”.   None of these attempts at political theater have ever stuck or had as much of a long-lasting impact on our society as what we are witnessing in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns and the Black Live Matter riots.   The effects that these cultural events have had seem almost irreversible.  It began with the Coronavirus.  Elected officials and media elites alike, began by telling the public that any fears or concerns over the spread of this virus were nothing more than the feverish, conspiratorial delusions of right-wing extremists and Trump supporters.  They attempted to conflate Trump’s concern for the Chinese-born pathogen as a dog whistle to white nationalists.  You even had New York Governor Andrew Cuomo encouraging New Yorkers to flock to China Town to attend the Lunar New Year festival so that they could stand in solidarity with Chinese citizens amidst the growing concerns of the COVID-19 spread. 

That sentiment quickly changed once the death count and contraction rates began to rise.  Suddenly, seemingly overnight, COVID-19 became the modern day, Black Plague.  Cities across the country began to shut down their economic infrastructures.  Surgical masks and bandanas became, not only the newest fashion trend, but an unwritten symbol of compliance to state regulation and sacrifice of the autonomy of private citizens.  Politicians encouraged Americans to report their neighbors to local law enforcement if they were seen breaking quarantine measures.  Such was the case with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti when he uttered the chilling words during a press conference; “snitches get rewards”.   This sentiment was not just some throw away slogan; it was a call to action. Whether it was 40-year-old Sara Brady of Meridian, Idaho who was arrested for being at a playground, 37-year-old Kendra Burnett of  Louisville, Kentucky who was arrested at a grocery store for breaking self-quarantine after being tested positive or a plethora of other individuals; Americans were now being openly targeted by the state for defying arbitrary and dystopian lock down orders.  Citizens, who were more fearful of the state than the consequences of silence in face of tyranny, not only complied with but assisted in the persecution of others. 

This inevitably led to the Reopen America movement. Citizens were tired of watching their cities become nothing more than esthetically pleasing prisons in which their right to assembly and free movement was now considered a breach of socially acceptable conduct.  Citizens were also tired of not working, scrambling for unemployment, closing their businesses as well as having to look forward to a national welfare state that would inevitably cripple the American economy.  This movement was immediately met with political vitriol.   Re-open protesters were labeled irresponsible, reckless, anti-science and white nationalists.  Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer had no issue demonizing those in her state that opposed her shutdown orders.  She and others used the fact that some of the protesters were wielding firearms, wearing masks with skulls on them along with tactical gear; to label them far-right extremists.   Even the fact that all the demonstrations were peaceful had no effect on the narratives of the media and cultural elites.  A photo from a past Bernie Sanders rally in which one of his supporters held up a mock Nazi sign that criticized the Trump administration was falsely attached to the re-open rallies.  What the left and their cohorts in the media did not count on was the popular opinion among the American people.   People wanted to get back to work and began to voice their concern of the collapse of their local economies.  The economic impact of the international shutdown was so severe that even a UN official addressed the severity of the situation. David Beasley who is the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program told the UN council that “While dealing with a Covid-19 pandemic, we are also on the brink of a hunger pandemic.”  He went on to say that “there is also a real danger that more people could potentially die from the economic impact of Covid-19 than from the virus itself.” 

Through the pressure of the Trump administration and the American public; the country began to reopen.  Then, without warning, the Ahmaud Arbery case made national headlines.  Around the same time, the shooting of an EMT by the name of Breonna Taylor during a no knock warrant, also became a prominent story on the American, main stage.  While the public generally felt that Breonna Taylor’s death was unjust; there was an ideological divide with regards to the death of Ahmaud Arbery.  One side of the debate felt that Arbery was merely casing a house under construction, was trespassing on private property, had a history of criminality and ultimately placed himself in a compromising situation which could have been avoided.  The other side felt that regardless of Arbery’s record or possible intent to commit a crime; he did not deserve to die at the hands of the McMichaels. This side of the argument also accused the father and son of engaging in vigilantism.  While most Americans did not see this as a racial issue; the media and left-wing voices were desperate to inject racial tribalism into the conversation.  It began to take hold. 

These racial undertones eventually took the form of the New Black Panther Party taking to the streets of the neighborhood in which Ahmaud Arbery was shot.  There was a clear message that was meant to be sent by this demonstration.  The militarization of black Americans.  Despite this blatant demonstration of extreme racial politics, legitimate conversations began to come to the forefront.  Citizens started to discuss corruption among police departments. Preferential treatment of affiliates of law enforcement as we saw with the initial dismissal of a prior investigation of the Ahmaud Arbery shooting by the former District Attorney’s office; became cause for public concern.  People began asking where the line was between apprehending a potentially violent suspect and enacting excessive force without due process.  Americans began to question the expansion of the state and the possibility of martial law. 

Then came the brutal death of George Floyd.  After that, America changed.

Nuanced conversations about police and state overreach had vanished completely.  The possibility of ideological common ground was no longer an acceptable resolve to these issues.   The lines had been drawn by mainstream, popular culture and those who influence it.  This gave birth to the present state of political discourse.  As it currently stands, you belong to one of two groups.  You are either a brave, anti-racist, revolutionary or a heartless bigot who willfully contributes to systemic racism and institutional tyranny.  If you belong to the side of the revolution, you are granted certain liberties that are not afforded to those outside of this collective. 

These liberties include the ability to commit felonies with the expectation of fundraised bail and the dismissal of riot charges.  They include a beyond favorable defense by the media of any violence you might engage in.  They include a miraculous immunity from the contraction of COVID-19 as well as avoiding public shaming of violating social distancing measures.  They include using political violence to hold cities hostage while calling for the complete dismantling of police departments. They also include the left-wing reverence of you and your comrades taking siege of major city blocks to create a dystopian, authoritarian camp which is part tent city, part squat and part primitive police state.   None of these actions are affected by any of the residual quarantine orders that are still in place in certain parts of the country.  Specifically, the orders prohibiting religious services and accessibility to churches. 

This is the modern status quo.  A combination of a propagandist media, corrupt politicians, Marxist radicals, the exacerbation of ideological tribalism, and an exploitation of America’s age-old racial tensions has given birth to this reprehensible cultural hellscape.  While it is encouraging to see the Trump administration signing an executive order to enforce tangible police reform, the long-term remedy is much harder to implement.  The only people who this socio-political chaos benefits are those who seek to obtain as much influence as humanly possible in wake of national polarization.  Whether it be the establishment Republicans, Democrats, the anti-western left or the fringes of the authoritarian right; these groups are reliant on the American public’s proclivity to seek security in the face of societal uncertainty. 

The establishment Republicans and Democrats can pimp the fears and frustrations of their voter base to ensure future elections of any given candidate they decide to prop up.  The Cultural Marxists can utilize mob mentality and political intimidation to promulgate measures that will systematically deconstruct the very civilization that gave birth to them; all while trying to enact hyper-egalitarian based, authoritarianism.  Meanwhile, the ethno-nationalists can merely wait and watch. Quietly building their numbers from the growing pool of white Americans who are sick and tired of being cajoled into hating their own race and genealogical heritage so when the time is right; they can make a public show of force to impose their savage world view upon an unsuspecting public.    This is the political stage that has been set.

So, what is the remedy?  Is there a path that can lead us to social redemption?  I believe there is.  But first we need to address three important things, as a country, for a real resolution to be a possibility.  The first issue that must be addressed is the public’s trust in institutions that are charged with the responsibility of taking care of the American people.  Those who are elected and or hired to regulate the parameters of civil society; must be beyond transparent and consistent with their constituency.  This can never be construed as a partisan issue.  We must know that our legal and political systems are in place to truly serve the people; not to exploit us.  Corrupt cops and politicians exist.  All of them must be held accountable.  

The second pressing issue that must be faced is the emotional exploitation of black America.  Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd did not deserve to die in the manner that they did.  Both deserved due process and a just trial hearing.  However, to hoist them up as Civil Rights icons hurts men like them and the black community as whole.  Both men lived a life of crime, seemingly, to the unfortunate end of their lives.  George Floyd, specifically, perpetrated a monstrous crime against a pregnant, black woman in which he held a gun to her belly.  This has been a recurring theme within the Black Rights, P.R. campaign of the modern age.  Black people always seem to take the bait when the mainstream media picks a career criminal who was wrongfully or violently killed by law enforcement and turns said victim into a representation of black American life. 

This is regressive and, somewhat, self-hating.  It conveys a disturbing lack of self-worth among black Americans.  No one marched or raised hell for Melvin Harris.  Melvin is a black father, with no criminal record to speak of, who was charged with murder after physically defending his 16-year-old daughter from a man who tried to sexually assault her in a gas station bathroom stall.  Those stories do not make national news because they will not generate polarized controversy.  Black Americans need to objectively view every case involving a black suspect and a police officer so as not to fall into knee-jerk reactionary, tribalistic responses.  Our emotive responses are fodder for political gain and media ratings.

 Finally, the last issue we need to tackle is the racial tension in this country.  This is the hardest hurdle to overcome.   The reason why is because its catalysts are both sociopolitical and evolutionary.  When you combine the evolutionary proclivity of racial groups to engage in in-group-preference, coupled with the historical reality that white and black Americans have struggled to reach a place of cohesive assimilation; you can begin to understand the problem at hand.  Both respective racial groups were introduced to one another under…less than cordial circumstances.  This inescapable fact has led to a legacy of the majority, racial polity (whites) to try to acknowledge the presence of the minority racial polity (blacks) without upsetting the delicate cultural identifiers of their lineage.  The attempts to achieve this uncanny coexistence have resulted in two parallel American modes of being. 

They are simply known as white America and black America.  Both subsects of our country have their own vernacular, customs, worldviews, and approaches to contending with everyday life.  They have been able to legally and culturally, to a lesser degree, find overlapping common ground and societal mechanisms to sustain relative harmony.  With that said, neither has truly been able to see the other as members of their collective.  This explains the hyper-inclusivity of mainstream, black culture in the face of glaring problems within the community or demographic.  This also explains the willingness for many white Americans to bend over backwards to black America with regards to superficial capitulation and virtue signaling, cultural masochism.  Whites have gotten in the habit of viewing blacks as downtrodden outsiders; desperately in need of kid-gloves to sustain their very survival and cultural relevance.   Blacks have become jaded, aggressive, malcontents that see whites as nothing more than corrupt landlords who are worthy of brutal vengeance once the opportunity presents itself. 

This is toxic and unsustainable.  There must be an honest, difficult, and sophisticated conversation about Americans finding evolved and transcendent binding principles that can tether our diverse populous together.  There must be a push for multi-demographic, American populism as well as nationalism.  It is either that or societal, metaphorical, or literal cannibalism.  Only we can decide what path we take.

(Hussein Hill is a true American Nationalist, and culturally libertarian, content creator. He creates content that promotes the individual, art, pro American/Western values and the destruction of the modern, Marxist narrative. You can follow his Youtube channel, and SubcribeStar account for more compelling content on the culture wars.)

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