More Hits On Hall, Curiosities About Sources And (Non)Reactions

RALEIGH – Some new details are emerging about the handsy behavior of Leftist state lawmaker Rep. Duane Hall (WAKE). Hall has not responded to calls for his resignation by those in his own party, from the governor, to the House minority leader, but two women filed to primary Hall on the last filing day which is curiously the same day the story broke. Some good questions are being raised about those primary opponents and just what might be behind Hall’s quick toss under the bus by his own party.

But first:

“North Carolina Rep. Duane Hall forcibly pulled a woman into his lap and kissed her against her will at Equality N.C.’s 2016 gala, according to two people, including the alleged victim, who spoke to Policy Watch Thursday.


“He pulled me down onto his lap,” a woman said of Hall. “My buddy tried to pick me off his lap, but he wouldn’t let me go. Then he kissed me and took a photo on his phone. I got really pissed and said ‘delete that photo.’”

Of course, this is unacceptable behavior and anywhere else would have earned Hall a knuckle sandwich from men with honor, but we’re talking a Democrat gala here.

As the details emerge, and Hall stays silent, many are wondering if he’ll drop out at all. His toughest challenge to being reelected is definitely facing two women in the primary. However, one of those women, Heather Metour, doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record herself when it comes to appropriate behavior.

“Metour said in an interview Wednesday night that her decision to run for the seat “had nothing to do” with Hall. She said she “very much wanted to stay out of the public eye,” but that the teenagers who survived the shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month inspired her to run.


Metour was mentioned often in the murder trial of Brad Cooper, a Cary man convicted of killing his wife. Though Metour did not testify at the 2011 trial, Cooper acknowledged having an extramarital affair with her as his marriage was falling apart.

“I’ve been sitting on the sidelines for a long time,” she continued. “With the legislature being primarily dominated by men who seem to be failing at adulting, and with the Me Too movement inspiring me, I said ‘enough is enough.’””

So this woman is sanctimoniously positioning herself against Hall, using the ‘Me Too’ movement as a weapon against an accused sexual harasser, while she herself is a homewrecker whose lover murdered his wife and dumped her body in a field? Not sure her claim that the Hall scandal had nothing to do with her late filing, either.

The Daily Haymaker, with their well placed moles, is making some interesting points about the sudden and complete abandonment of Hall by the leading Democrats.

“My sources on Jones Street tell me that a “big-dog” Democrat with a lot of juice / influence on Jones Street, in the governor’s office, and at NCPolicyWatch pulled the political trigger on Hall. […] My sources tell me that said “big-dog” believed that Hall had wronged a young lady close to said “big-dog.” The “big-dog” in question decided to lower the boom on Hall by taking what he knew to his comrades at NCPolicyWatch.”

This would make sense considering the coordinated calls for Hall’s resignation. He should be alienated and embarrassed, of course, but Democrats don’t typically move so quickly to eat their own. We’ll have to wait and see who the ‘Big Dog’ is in this case.

As has been widely reported, a long list of Democrats came out to call for his resignation. They likely want to clear the deck so Hall doesn’t risk losing his seat while they are trying to ‘Break the Majority,’ but in reality this the Hall district is so far to the Left that it should be a slam dunk for any Democrat.

Curiously, though, not many Republicans have come out to bash Hall and the Democrats over the head with the lewd and disgraceful behavior of one of their rising stars. Why not?

It could be a general aversion to stirring up these narratives after the Roy Moore saga in Alabama. It could also be a hesitancy by some to stick their neck out lest other stories begin emerging about the ‘Dirty Old Man’ behavior by lawmakers. It would be hardly surprising to find out Hall’s behavior isn’t exactly rare among the Jones Street ‘honorables.’

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