HILL: The Resentful Minority Versus The Frustrated Majority

Judith and Holofernes, by Kehinde Wiley, "a provocative statement about the hierarchical nature of Western society"

(Hussein Hill is a true American Nationalist, and culturally libertarian, content creator. He creates content that promotes the individual, art, pro American/Western values and the destruction of the modern, Marxist narrative. You can follow his Youtube channelBitchute Stream, and/or SubcribeStar account for more compelling content on the culture wars.)

This disgusting painting from New York-based artist Kehinde Wiley that is currently on display at the North Carolina Museum of Art, perfectly represents where we are at as a culture.  As we push through one of the most tumultuous years in modern history, the polarization in our culture has begun to spiral out of control.  There seems to be no end to the constant battles that are enveloping our society.  Everywhere you turn, a new sociopolitical, cultural or philosophical fight is in full swing.  Unfortunately, the battle lines are being drawn in the most pernicious way imaginable.  Currently, the minority is being pitted against the majority and it is happening on multiple levels.  This is terrifying.

Let’s start with race.  Race relations, or lack thereof, might be the defining issue of 2021 and onward.  There is a concerted effort by the media and politicians to exploit racial differences for political gain.  No longer is acknowledging the individual value of any one person, regardless of race, enough.  Now, there is an all out assault on the very concept of “whiteness” as well as European ancestry as a whole.  Cultural white genocide is no longer something that can be dismissed as the musings of the ethnocentric, far-right.  It is an aspiration of the pop-culture gatekeepers.  Coca Cola has promoted collective guilt among whites.  The mainstream media as well as Democrats are blaming the violence against Asian Americans at the hands of black Americans, on “white supremacy”.  The Smithsonian museum has pushed the philosophy that white and or European culture is inherently tyrannical.  The current administration has decided to prioritize COVID-19 relief and vaccination efforts to non-white citizens. Any attempt by white Americans to defend themselves against accusations of racism has been called “white fragility”.

Besides being overtly racist, these cultural standards and or measures pose a larger problem that is not being addressed.  As it currently stands, whites make up between 76% to 77%.  Whites and or Europeans are the historically ethnic as well as cultural majority of the United States.  This also extends to the entirety of the western world. While the introduction of ethnic minorities into the western polity has been rife with struggle, said minorities have benefited immensely.  The modern iterations of free speech, women’s rights and civil rights are unique to the west.  America, specifically, has gone to great lengths to ensure that these ideals are reflected in its legal and cultural framework.  America has given amazing opportunities to a plurality of immigrants from third world countries that systematically violate human rights.

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To attempt to separate the cultural achievements of a civilization or nation from its majority ethnic demographic, is nonsensical.  To then go even further and label said ethnic majority as intrinsically broken, malevolent, tyrannical as well as parasitic in nature; is abhorrent.  This sort of vile hypocrisy is being directed solely at whites and or people of European ancestry in the west.  It is being fueled by a campaign to weaponize past discrimination, the natural frustrations of being an ethnic minority along with misdirected disdain for a broken justice system; in order to create militarized resentment among minority communities. Most notably being the black American community. Other contributing factors are media driven propaganda narratives like the racial motivations of George Floyd’s death.  The initial story resulted in mass riots, death and rampant property damage.  I to, while not believing it was racially motivated, did first believe it was murder.  Now, via the trial of Derek Chauvin, we know that George Floyd was resisting arrest, his death was directly caused by fatal levels of fentanyl in his system and Chauvin actually attempted to use the least lethal detainment tactic at his disposal. 

The obvious effects of this is the fomentation of tribal, reactionary anger from whites towards other racial groups.  Luckily, white nationalist militants are still a political minority in the west.  However, there has been an increase in such groups within the last three to four years. To expect this ideology to remain on the fringes is naive at best.  If you wage a political war on an entire race of people with baseless, verifiably false rhetoric and political measures; you cannot be surprised when there is a backlash.  

Two other areas that this phenomena is prevalent in are sexuality and by proxy, religion.  The LGBTQ movement has hit peak levels of radicalism. Anything that is hyper-sexual, exploitative and abnormal, is both celebrated and vigorously promoted as an

achievement of sexual liberation by LGBTQ advocates.  The conversation no longer revolves around consenting adults being allowed to do whatever in the privacy of their homes. Nor is about allowing homosexuals to congregate or be treated as human beings. It is about marginalizing heterosexuality and social conservatism.

A glaring example of this comes in the form of the controversy that recently involved rapper Lil Nas X.  His song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” made headlines with the debut of its music video. The video begins with the artist in The Garden Of Eden, then in ancient Greece and finally ending up in hell where he lap dances on Satan of whom he precedes to kill and remove the horns of.  This was accompanied by the announcement of Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes” that were said to be made with one drop of human blood.  Needless to say, this infuriated religious conservatives while being praised by LGBTQ advocates as an achievement of civil rights and free speech.  As a fan of punk rock and metal bands, I attempted to analyze this story as objectively as possible. The genre Black Metal, in particular, has taken lyrical aim at Christianity and social conservatism via Satanic overtones. 

However, Black Metal bands have also invoked medieval European imagery, criticized Judaism, Islam and politically correct culture.  

This breed of metal and most non-PC, underground forms of aggressive rock n’ roll, make it a point to lambaste any and all social issues in spite of social acceptability.  They also make it clear that they are representative of societal outsiders that will never be a part of the mainstream culture. Their album art and music videos are done in style that conveys a raw, gritty, unabashed rejection of mainstream consumerism and pop culture.  This is not the case with regards to something like Lil Nas X’s “Montero” music video. The video is glossy and resembles a commercial for a car or the newest iphone.  The song is something that could be on the DJ playlist of every trendy night club in any major city.  The concept of the song checks all of the mainstream, virtue signaling boxes.  Racial minorities, homosexuality and anti-Christianity.  This music video was not created to break new boundaries or push the limits of acceptable discourse.  It was created to brand and sell an ethos that spits in the face of the socially unfashionable Christian Right.  This video was socially safe, artistically dull and politically vengeful.  It also managed to simultaneously play into every negative stereotype of black Americans and homosexuals. That part is pretty impressive I suppose.

The LGBTQ hatred for normative sexuality can best be seen in the ongoing circus that is the transgender movement.  As it currently stands, the push to impose trans-sexuality on American society has reached dangerous levels.  Such is the case with things like the California SB 132 law. This law mandates that all “transgender, non-binary, or intersex”  be “addressed in a manner consistent with the incarcerated individual’s gender identity,” and “housed at a correctional facility designated for men or women based on the individual’s preference.” This has sparked trans-sexual inmates demanding transfers to female-only jails. Other examples include the promulgation of puberty blockers; drag queens reading leftist indoctrination to children; as well as gay men performing sex acts on YouTube videos that are not being flagged while right wing content creators are purged monthly.

The effect of this has been a hard reaction from social conservatives. They believe that there is no reason to appease a statistical minority of the species that flies in the face of their religious beliefs.  The advocacy of utilizing the state to only recognize heterosexual marriage has become fashionable again in many Christian right-wing circles. Some have even taken to social media to either give nods to or outwardly praise the CCP’s and Islamic world’s treatment of homosexuality or non-heterosexuality.  This is beyond horrifying but completely predictable. 

Until our society begins to accept a few key truths, this sort of polarization will only exacerbate. We must realize the fact that European culture and the west have been beneficial to human progress.  We must realize that past discrimination is not justification for present discrimination.  We must realize that the attempt to push sexual minorities upon the broader human polity as the norm is counter-intuitive and destructive to our species.  We must realize that being a member of a minority group does not make you inferior or grant you special, victimhood privileges.  We must delineate actual rebellion and art from petulant, vengeful propaganda.  We must also delineate necessary order and structure from authoritarian, tyranny. We must realize that social outliers and the broader society need one another. 

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