HILL: The Mainstream Left Does Not Want Reconciliation; They Want War

Initially, I was going to write a piece that would put forth some of my personal criticisms of the Trump administration. Even though I am on the right, I attempt to never fall into the routine of dogmatic praise of any one political manifestation on my side of the current, cultural divide. Whether it be a movement, policy or political figure; I try to stay critical and think about the long term. Unfortunately, I have been compelled to address the current trajectory of the modern left. The hysteria by those on the left side of the political discussion has not only persisted; it has increased in animus.

Furthermore, I see a perverse, opportunistic glee among many on the right who want to see this political disorientation continue for financial and electoral gain. With that said, many folks who are moderate to apolitical seem to be genuinely confused by the behavior of the collective, modern left. The same questions keep popping up in the discussion. Questions like, why is the left doing this? Have they learned nothing from the election of Donald Trump? What exactly do they want? These questions are usually asked with the assumption that the cultural left is interested in reaching some semblance of peace. This is a mistake. The modern left does not care about fruitful coexistence because that is not a factor in their current, courses of action. They want a war and they will not stop until their perceived enemies are erased from the cultural landscape.

Since the 2016 election, we have seen an acceleration with regards to the mainstream left’s vitriol. It started off as humorous, then it became obnoxious, now it has turned nightmarish and daunting. We have watched as the media and the Democrats engage in an all-out assault on their perceived, political opponents. We have witnessed the political assassination of all intellectual dissidents who dare to question popular culture and the status quo. We have been privy to the overt celebration of violence inflicted upon private and public, center-right citizens. We have endured all of this and there seems to be no slowing down. Even in the face of the disapproval among most Americans of the recent impeachment; the Democratic Party continues its crusade against Trump. New Jersey Rep. Jefferson Van Drew’s surprising abandonment of the Democratic Party to join the GOP is not deterring the efforts of vengeful Democrats either. This will not stop because the left does not want it to. The war the left is waging is not confined to the trappings of some mere, arbitrary political victory. It is a fight for the soul of what they want civilization to become.

The election of Donald Trump marked a distinct shift for the American and western left. It was the end of globalism, multiculturalism, postmodernism and the beginning of populist nationalism. This also fully explains why the establishment right wing has either rejected Trump or used his political victories as superficial slogans to retain political relevance. Their proclivity to embrace trans-nationalism is also threatened by this shift. Once this trajectory was identified by the left, they deployed everything they could to “resist” it. That rather goofy, annoying and contrived slogan is more than just that. It accurately articulates what they are attempting to do. They are desperately trying to stave off the inevitable. The catalysts for this socio-political transformation have been building up in first world, westernized countries for quite some time now. The unlikely election of Trump was merely the first physical spark to begin across the western world. That election has been followed by such victories as Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Boris Johnson of the UK. There is even a chance Matteo Salvini might be able to rise to power, going forward. These occurrences signify the shift to a political landscape that runs in opposition to the geopolitical stranglehold that the left currently wields against the general public.

The most brazen demonstration of the left attempting to push citizens into a state of political frenzy can be seen in Virginia. There is no conceivable way that Virginia Democrats could possibly expect anything else but violent resistance from gun owners who feel threatened by the recent gun confiscation and anti-second amendment bills pre-filed by leftist legislators. The truth is they are not that naïve. This a political middle-finger to gun owners of that state. They were completely aware of the type of reaction that this move would be met with. They were banking on it. If leftist politicians can bait law abiding citizens to resort to violent opposition; they win the political narrative. Such a reaction will enable them to sell security to the general public. Hence, the legal debacle of the New York Proud Boys that were arrested, charged and sentenced for defending themselves from Antifa radicals after a talk given by Gavin McInnes. This is the game the left will continue play after the 2020 presidential election. They want to push the average citizen into such a corner that their only recourse is one of violence and militancy.

In the face of this, what can be done? If we accept that the left has no interest whatsoever in reaching a substantive middle ground; how then can we be expected to carry on? Well, that is the hard part. Persistence, awareness and tact seem to be our only paths forward. Americans, of all stripes, can never bend to political intimidation. We must recognize that what we are engaged in is not a simple ideological disagreement. Rather, it is a long and arduous struggle for our intellectual autonomy and national identity. Individuals on the right wing can no longer be afraid to stand by their beliefs; irrespective of the social costs we will endure for doing so. We must also not allow ourselves to devolve into the reactionary, violent, emotive radicals that the left is so desperate to make us out to be. Local and community outreach is crucial at this point. Fighting for environments and policies that help American citizens must be our first priority. We cannot become the left. Instead, must recognize that they are our enemies and fight accordingly. This of course is easier said than done. However, men and women before us have sacrificed far more to create what we take for granted today. It is not a matter of choosing to engage in this war. We are already in it. The only question left is can we survive it? I do not know the answer. Regardless, I will keep on pushing forward. I suggest others to the same.

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