HILL: The LGBTQ Agenda is Malevolent, and Non-Heterosexuals Must Reject It

As a gay man, I am fully aware of the many trials and tribulations that come along with my particular mode of being.  I was raised in a hyper-religious, militantly traditional household and was never able to come to terms with my sexuality until much later in life.  I have also been privy to visceral, anti-gay sentiments among some elements within the right wing. Sentiments that, in the past, I contributed to. This was due to a deep seeded, self-loathing that I harbored for most of my formative years.  There is also the issue that many homosexuals have to contend with regarding the realization of the inability to have children in the natural way. There is a necessity for a viable political voice that addresses the fundamental issue as to how non-heterosexuals fit into the societal makeup of western civilization.  However, the deconstructionist amalgamation that is the “LGBTQ” lobby, is not fit for such a purpose. In fact, it is profoundly detrimental to the very groups it purports to represent, as well as the larger polity. 

When I was young, the theory of “the slippery slope” was a common talking point among the right wing.  The left wing regarded this as nothing more than vitriolic, fear mongering on the part of backwards-thinking conservatives and rabid homophobes.  One could have made a plausible defense for said leftists of yesteryear. As a matter of fact, most did. Moderates to neo-liberals, never quite understood the seemingly paranoid concerns of the religious right.  That is no longer the case. We now exist in a world where we are debating what it means to be a man or a woman. We are now living in a society that is entertaining the idea of injecting prepubescent children with hormone blockers as well as subjecting them to surgeries that could destroy their lives forever. 

We are now witnessing the sexual exploitation of young boys who are being paraded around like the degenerate fantasies of sexual predators; under the guise of performance art. We are now tolerating the political indoctrination of our nation’s youth via men in drag; three of which have been exposed as sexual offenders.  Substantive fears of weaponized, non-heterosexuality can no longer be dismissed as right wing propaganda. These fears are not only justified, their catalysts are rapidly becoming a part of popular, mainstream culture. How did we get here? What happened to the conversations surrounding alternative modes of sexual conduct?  The short answer is vengeance and denial. Allow me to elaborate.

Since the late 1960s, there has been a political struggle between traditional Americans and non-heterosexual Americans.  From the pro-assimilative position of the early Homophile movement to the overtly anti-normative, anti-traditionalist and culturally Marxian ethos of groups like the Gay Liberation Front; the acceleration of this debate is beyond apparent.  The progression of the gay rights movement has led to increasingly more extreme ideological resolves and philosophies. This is due to the exacerbation of animosity towards past, institutional discrimination. There was a time in this country where homosexuals were denied basic, civil rights.  There used to be an era in which overt displays of non-heterosexuality led to physical assaults or death. This is both undeniable and reprehensible. With that said, there is an uncomfortable reason as to why such a status quo once existed. This is the very same reason that is vehemently avoided, dismissed and, in some cases, even condemned by the modern left.  That reason is the instinctual desire to propagate the species.

The truth of the matter is, human beings are hardwired to procreate and foster environments that are conducive to this function.  Throughout history, when this evolutionary proclivity was perceived to be under grave threat; various societies reacted with heavy handed solutions to reject or eradicate its source.  This mentality is still prominent among non-white, American demographics with regards to homosexuality. According to a Pew Research study published May 14th 2019; support for same sex marriage  stood at 62% among whites, 58% among Hispanics and 51% among blacks.  For many years now, this reality has tormented many non-heterosexuals in addition to anyone who has chosen to advocate for their interests.  With all of these factors in play; you would think that the logical approach would be to formulate a multifaceted solution that addresses biological realities as well as attempting to stave off the inevitable proclivity for human beings to lash out at outliers.  Instead, modern leftists have taken it upon themselves to deny biology, engage in radical social engineering and level any and everyone who opposes their overall, hyper-egalitarian agenda. This has resulted in what we now know as the “LGBTQ Community”. This collective is no more a community than Antifa is a genuine, grassroots effort to fight fascism.  It is merely a political nomenclature designed to disguise the pernicious actions of Marxist ideologues while selling a message of inclusivity for recruitment purposes. The ramifications of this cultural crusade have been catastrophic at best.

Currently, both non-heterosexuals and heterosexual Americans are engulfed in cultural degeneration.  Within the last four years, the Center for Disease Control has recorded a notable increase of STDs among non-heterosexual men.  Specifically, cases of HIV, gonorrhea and syphilis. A recent article by The Guardian, published February 22th of this year; outlines a rapid increase in the diagnoses of gender dysphoria among teenage girls. The article goes on to demonstrate the correlation between the increases in said diagnosis, the fact that many who identify as transgender are suffering from preexisting mental illnesses along with the sociopolitical promotion of transgenderism.  This comes months after reports surfaced of hundreds of women feeling regret for their decision to undergo gender reassignment. The suicidality among those who identify as transgender, not only remains the highest among the general population, some sources even say it has risen in the last two years. In fact, the suicidality among all non-heterosexuals remains disturbingly higher than that of their heterosexual counterparts. Lifelong feminists who once found themselves on the political left, are now being targeted by their leftist peers.  The term “TERF” (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) has become a popular slur used to describe any women who rejects the idea that womanhood can simply be obtained by surgery, hormone injections or wearing women’s clothing.

 There is also a palpable tension developing between conventional homosexuals, so to speak, and this new wave of self-proclaimed, transgendered individuals.  Homosexuals who acknowledge their biological reality and choose to have relationships with the same gender; feel that the transgender movement actively invalidates their existential legitimacy in regards to being seen as a substantial demographic of the human species.  In other words, if gender is a social construct and a man who cross dresses and sleeps with other men is in fact a women; how can the concept of gay men exist? The truth is, in that ideological framework, it cannot. This stems from much of the post Stonewall era, politically radical, gays rights movement. The activists of the late 60’s and early 70’s explicitly identified biologically, recognized gender roles as a societal parameter that needed to be torn asunder.  They viewed monogamy, even among homosexuals, as a patriarchal, self-inflicted form of confinement and or slavery. They most likely did not know that this would lead to the political invalidation of homosexuals and women as well as the degenerate, anti-monogamous, status quo of the modern gay culture. Their ideological progeny, however, do not seem to care whatsoever. They are determined to forward their vengeful crusade against traditional, heterosexual America; irrespective of what sort of social damage and cultural decay they may leave in their wake. 

In reaction to this, an equally concerning yet predictable ideological movement is emerging. A quasi-moralistic, hyper-traditional version of Christianity is beginning to manifest itself in response to the excesses of the Marxist, LGTBQ agenda. Elements of this can be seen in the evangelical bits of the Republican Party and in youth movements like the self-described “Groypers” who are characterized by their focus on racial differences, anti-Israel sentiments, puritanical Christianity and fandom of a one Nicholas J. Fuentes. The stage is being set for a battle between postmodern, anti-western, authoritarians and reactionary, militantly theocratic, authoritarians.       

So, how can we stave off the inevitable ideological acceleration that is taking place while addressing the actual concerns of all parties involved?  To begin with, we must reject these current, reductive narratives. Non-heterosexuals must stop giving any sort of cultural reverence to the modern, Marxist coalition known as the LGBTQ community.  Quite frankly, the acronym itself needs to be phased out of common parlance all together. Its meaning is nothing more than political jargon and holds no real, intrinsic value at all. The second step to a resolution, is some honesty and self-awareness on the part of non-heterosexuals.  Non-heterosexuals need to understand that what makes us unique is that we are evolutionary outliers. We are able to view the world from a particular perspective that transcends conventional gender and sexual confines. In many respects, this is a creative, social and philosophical advantage.  When authoritative, egalitarian measures are imposed upon the rest of the population; they dilute the aforementioned assets that our demographic has at its disposal.

Conversely, non-heterosexuals need to make peace with the inherent shortcomings of our demographic that are rectified by the heterosexual majority.  The species needs to continue. It should be allowed to do so unmolested, unimpeded and organically. The artificial tinkering of human reproduction for the sake of political dogma is not advisable and will foster more anti-gay sentiments. Adoption is preferable to artificial insemination. Non-heterosexuals must acknowledge the biological differences between men and women.  We must stop supporting the radical social engineering that is attempting to eradicate these differences. Homosexual males and homosexual females are not identical in the least. Lesbians have different relationship dynamics along with more sexual malleability than that of gay men. These delineations are important and sit at the core of much of the political chaos that is consuming modern America.

If the conversation around sexuality and gender does not begin to mature; more political chaos and tension will arise.   As someone who left behind a fascistic, dogmatic, religious, belief structure; I am not a fan of witnessing a western version of the same ideology begin to take hold in various factions of the modern right wing.  For those who believe that such a theologically zealous approach is necessary; I both disagree with and vehemently oppose you. With that said, this form of philosophical militancy is a reaction to years of shaming on the part of Marxist, non-heterosexuals directed towards traditional Americans.  This cannot continue without resulting in more cultural, psychological and physiological damage. Non-Heterosexuals need to acknowledge their biological and philosophical role in western civilization. Non-heterosexuals need to stop attempting to impose their mode of being upon a public that is merely following the normal course of genealogical maintenance.  Non-heterosexuals need to embrace and revere western civilization. This is the only culture that was unique in giving us a voice and acknowledging our intrinsic right to exist. Non-heterosexuals need to respect the religious autonomy as well as the cultural necessity of Christian and or traditional America. To reference one of my videos that I created under the online brand called Infidel Rebel on YouTube; the LGBTQ community needs to become non-heterosexual Americans.                 

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