High School Sports Postponed In Honor of Pandemic Panic

RALEIGH – While it’s not quite the level of local cops arresting surfers for being alone in the ocean, or moms for taking their kid to the playground, the Pandemic Panic remains pervasive nonetheless. The most consequential overreactions currently being stoked by the fear mongers are barring kids from going to school, and now prohibiting them from playing high school sports in North Carolina.

No; the virus has not morphed into a pathogen that actually effects kids in any significant way.

Yes; Democrats are still smearing anyone questioning such decisions as selfish and pretty much wanting for people to die.

No; NONE of what those Democrats or other fear mongers shriek about is supported by the existing science on the coronavirus and/or COVID-19 in any real way.

The only thing that maybe supported is the political ends of those with an interest in individuals transferring their agency to the collective.

The N.C. High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) announced this week that it decided to postpone the high school sports out of fear of COVID-19. The sports will not be allowed to start until…

…Wednesday, November 4. The day after the election.

From ABC11:

“[…] North Carolina High School Athletics Association (NCHSAA) announced a new athletics calendar Wednesday afternoon.

NCHSAA Commissioner Que Tucker presented the calendar after spending time explaining the thought process that went into creating the calendar.

“We know that education-based athletics has great benefits for young people across our state,” Tucker said.

She went on to describe the importance of participating in sports while also keeping students and coaches safe.

The first sports that will be allowed to practice are cross-country and volleyball. Those sports can begin practice November 4. Their first competitions will happen November 16. […]”

God forbid one suggests the postponement of high school sports may have a political facet to it:

The media pounced on 2020 gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest IMMEDIATELY for suggesting such. The media then scrambled back to the NCHSAA for comment about Forest’s toxic accusation, to which the organization replied, “We would NEVER!,” and the Cooper campaign piled on with a sanctimonious rebuke of Forest. Funny how that works, huh?

“Many of our polling places are in schools in some areas of the state. To try and avoid that conflict, we were asked by the membership to avoid that date. So I can assure you that, when we shared that calendar yesterday with the ad hoc committee, and I will assure Lt. Gov. Forest, that Nov. 2 was on that calendar, but the ad hoc committee, as we looked at it and as they made recommendations, that was a request.” — Commissioner Que Tucker

Even if that date was selected for completely legitimate reasons, you’d think, in this hyper-sensitive atmosphere in which a good many of us suspect these public policy fits have little to do with the real risks involved, that the NCHSAA would have been mindful of appearances when deciding on a date just before, or just after, election day.

The Pandemic Panic, even if its participants are not knowingly political, is one of the most political issues of 2020 — and that’s saying something!

Coaches and mentors across the state and nation are no doubt hurting for their kids because they know what the loss of sports means. They know the risks of stepping on the field, and the risks that come from idol kids with no productive outlets. They know they’ve seen headline after headline about how children are not at risk, and how other countries kept on with school and sports just fine. They also know that we’re living through a storm of collective guilt, public shaming, and popular fear that makes it very difficult to be the one that points out the Emperor has no clothes.


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