HB2 ‘Compromise’ Bill Still Allows Men in Women’s Bathrooms Per Federal Judge

RALEIGH – Many people, politicians especially, were happy to fold in to a compromise bill on the controversial House Bill 2 in order to just move on from the manufactured negative press. The scramble to appease the Left, consultants, and business lobbies lost sight of the fact that House Bill 2 had a justified purpose supported by a majority of people.

‘Don’t force businesses to allow men in women’s bathrooms and private facilities, and ensure government facilities were used according to biology.’

The compromise bill, House Bill 142, was advertised by Republicans as maintaining that purpose, while also addressing concerns by the LGBTQ crowd.

According to a federal judge, though, H.B. 142 does NOT ban a transgender man from using a girls’ bathroom alongside your wife, mom, daughter, or girlfriend. And the LGBTQ Left is really happy about it.

“The Court held that H.B. 142 partially returned North Carolina to the pre-H.B. 2 “status quo” by repealing language that restricted restroom access for transgender people. “Nothing in the language of Section 2 [of H.B. 142] can be construed to prevent transgender individuals from using the restrooms that align with their gender identity,” Judge Schroeder wrote.

I am relieved to finally have the court unequivocally say that there is no law in North Carolina that can be used to bar transgender people from using restrooms that match who we are,” said Joaquin Carcaño, lead plaintiff in the lawsuit. “For the past two and a half years, I have been unable to use restrooms in my home state without worrying that I will be subject to discrimination, harassment, or even arrest. Our community has faced so much discrimination because of H.B. 2 and H.B. 142, and this decision will give us more support to defend the rights and basic humanity of our community members across the state.””

So, there you have it. Charlotte City Council passes an ordinance to punish private businesses for having the gall to keep men and women in their respective bathrooms ON their private property; the legislature rightly reminds them they cannot do that, and specify that government facilities will not cater to the LGBTQ nonsense; and then the legislature promptly folds like a cheap suit when the Left authors a narrative of discrimination.

As the news spreads through out the transgender community, and eventually makes its way to more sinister types, keep an extra eye out for the vulnerable innocently entering bathrooms. There may be some not-so-innocent people waiting on them, and now they have a judge to use as protection.

Don’t expect lawmakers to pick this issue back up to write, pass, and enforce clear laws that hold common sense in high regard. They’ve already surrendered and don;t have the stomach to actually fight for the values they push on the campaign trail.

Read more LGBTQ glee in the issue here.

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