George Soros’ Open Society, Far Left Partners Launch $59 Million Vote-by-Mail Blitz Targeting Minorities in States Including NC For November Election

RALEIGH – We’ve got the collectivist diaspora of Antifa/BLM running streets on the West Coast, a massive nationwide push of ‘woke’ culture and all it’s sinister implications is heating up with summer, and an ongoing pandemic has cleared the way for unprecedented vote-by-mail drives.

George Soros had his hand in fomenting the former, so it only makes sense that he’d want to capitalize in using the latter for electoral victories in support of his vision. What is being shouted and enforced by mobs in the streets of Seattle will be introduced as legislation in state capitals across the country if the multi-front push by the Left is successful.

According to North State Journal (NSJ) Soros’ Open Society Foundation and other Far Left groups have bundled $59 million to spend on pushing vote-by-mail, justified by Pandemic Panic, and specifically leveraging the current manufactured racial crisis to target minorities in North Carolina and pother high value states.

From NSJ:

“[…] A nonprofit arm of the donor network Way to Win is working with the Ford Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society to raise the money. The network has already donated $50 million this cycle, which has largely gone to groups in battleground states including Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Arizona.

But the group says more is needed because the coronavirus — which has led to a shortage of poll workers, contributed to long lines and forced the closure of some polling sites — could alter the outcome of November’s presidential election.

“We need to meet the urgency of this moment … we need everyone to keep their foot on the gas pedal,” said Nicole Boucher, a senior adviser to the group’s nonprofit, Way to Rise. “We’re challenging others and our partners in the sector to help fill critical funding gaps for communities of color, who have long been under-resourced in philanthropy.” […]”

While there have been significant logistical challenges in recent elections due to the coronavirus threat and the ever present issues with new voting systems, they are hardly the catastrophe they’ve been cast as. Georgia’s primary election hiccups being the prime example of the Left’s argument for expanded vote-by-mail, but they actually had record turn out!

But Democrats leaders know that making it so (Democrat) voters don’t have to actually turn out at all, under the guise of coronavirus, is the only way they can harvest enough votes in November.

That, and funding poll watchers “to combat any efforts to suppress turnout among black and brown voters.” Translation: We plan to pay people to suppress turnout among and intimate the non-woke.

This is hardly the first time Soros has pushed politics in the Old North State. After all, the Hungarian-born billionaire investor with a penchant for destabilizing capitalist countries (and enriching himself in the volatility), found success in backing Anita Earls, the woke NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls, the bona fide Social Justice Warrior leading up Governor Roy Cooper’s Racial Equity Task force.

The Soros-led capital infusion will just add to the popular push for the vote-by-mail. In North Carolina groups have been pushing for weeks to have a ballot mailed to every voter in the State, and making the returning (harvesting) of completed ballots as easy as possible. Which side of the partisan divide do you think has a well-oiled machine ready to reap a bumper crop of ballots?

The General Assembly has already passed legislation dropping the number of witnesses for absentee ballots from two, to one. The vote-by-mail is here, its beyond reproach due to the pandemic, and conservatives better hope enough non-woke people take care to cast a ballot. Read more about Soros and company’s push for vote-by-mail in North Carolina and elsewhere at NSJ.

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