Free the Ta-Ta’s Rally Descends on Asheville on Women’s Equality Day

ASHEVILLE – For the better part of a decade a group of activists have been fighting to normalize bare breasts, pushing for freedom of the chest via a Go Topless march through Asheville. This year the event coincided with Women’s Equality Day, complementing the fight for equality of chests quite well it seems.

“Organizers say it was about equality, and if a man can be shirtless, a woman should have that same right.

“Society has drilled into a woman’s head that it is inappropriate,” a participant told us. “We aren’t here for attention, but to educate women that it is OK.”

North Carolina state law says bare breasts do not constitute indecent exposure.”

The rallies took place all around the country Saturday in the noble fight to protect the Right to Bare Breasts. They aren’t fighting laws, per se, as state law here and in most states does not ban shirtless strolls. Instead, it’s social norms they are contesting.

If only the activists in Asheville were consistent in their calls for freedom, extending that logic to many other areas in which they seem to contrarily support government and societal control.


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