Forest Runs New Pro-Life Ad as Democrats/Media Scramble to Defend Margaret Sanger

RALEIGH – It looks like Dan Forest has kicked a hornets’ nest by pointing out that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a racist that wanted to sterilize and segregate huge segments of the population into what amount to concentration camps.

Abortion advocates, and their friends in the media pounced. There response has been to defend Sanger, and call Forest an extremist.

Just for further context, Sanger was a eugenicist in early 20th century America that helped spearhead a movement to create a purer race through sterilization, birth control, and abortion to weed out undesirables. The movement was later taken up by the likes of the Third Reich, where Nazis looked to Sanger’s lessons in creating a master race. It exists today as Planned Parenthood.

So, as we were saying, the media and Democrats like Governor Roy Cooper are defending Sanger and warning that Dan Forest is too extreme for North Carolina. In response, Forest stands taller for life. First, he doesn’t back down from his main point –the one the Left doesn’t want you to consider — that the abortion industry weighs on black Americans more than any other group by far.

The Dan Forest Campaign for Governor also ran a new pro-life ad ahead of the March for Life rally in Washington D.C.:

The Left and their media friends will try hard to paint Forest, and others with pro-life positions, as ‘extreme,’ but they are competing against an American public increasingly wary of abortion. Even younger generations, accustomed to incredible advances in medical science and technology, are less and less willing to see ending a baby’s life a viable option. The position the Left has labeled “extreme” is, largely, the position of the majority of Americans. The ‘abortion up until moment of birth’ policies, to the contrary, are held by a minute proportion of the American public.

State legislatures around the country have been rising up to protect lives of the unborn, and fighting the associated legal battles that comes with the territory. While the cause is always worthy, the impetus grows when the political opposition has demonstrated a willingness to enact the basest of laws, and that political opposition is not far removed from controlling power in our state.

At the Raleigh March for Life event last weekend had this to say to the families that came out to protect the lives of unborn babies from abortion, were greeted by opposition protesters that represent the the approach the other side would take. They chanted, according to the North State Journal:

““We will fight. We will win. Throw the fetus in a bin”

“Racist, sexist, anti-gay — Christian fascists go away” “

Get your rosaries off our ovaries”

“Fetuses aren’t people”

“Abort all parasites in human bodies” 

While they may lead with, ‘My body, my choice’ the chants above are a more honest representation of how abortion advocates view the lives of unborn children. Is it any wonder they rush to the defense of Margaret Sanger? The 2020 elections will be vital for pro-life supporters, if they hope to prevent this kind of perspective being advanced in our state and country.

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