Fight Over Prayer at Rowan County Meetings Heads to Federal Appeal Courts…

Excerpt From: WSOC. Written By: Brittney Johnson.

A controversial case over prayer at Rowan County commission meetings will be heard Wednesday before a federal court of appeals.

Channel 9 anchor Brittney Johnson spoke to the ACLU Tuesday morning about how the outcome of the hearing could affect elected leaders’ right to pray in several states.

The plaintiffs argue that it is unconstitutional for Rowan County commissioners to instruct the audience to join them in mostly Christian prayers before meetings.

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The appeals court ruled against them last year and the ACLU is taking the fight to the next level.

Attorneys for both sides will argue the case Wednesday before a panel of 15 judges at the Fourth Circuit Court of appeals in Virginia.

It will be the latest step in what has been a contentious battle since 2012.

Rowan County is fighting to allow its commissioners to continue to lead prayers, while the ACLU argues that the practice excludes people who are not Christian.



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