Fight for Our Children: New Hanover County Org Emerges to Fight Critical Race Theory Indoctrination in Local Schools

NEW HANOVER COUNTY – More and more, parents and community leaders are recognizing the scourge that is Woke indoctrination in public schools and organizing all-important stakeholder groups to combat the injection of Critical Race Theory and other ‘justice’ theories in our schools.

While these theories having been taking root in academia for years, they have been flowering in mainstream education, culture, and politics so much as to make it nearly unavoidable in everyday life.

The narrative dogma is set most concertedly through public school curricula that embraces these pseudo-intellectual social theories as fact, forcing our kids to accept a society of caste systems of ranked race and sexual identities. They preach collective sin or inferiority based on immutable characteristics and then erase redemption altogether.

And the Radical Leftist wannabe teachers union doesn’t even want you to be able to check in on the kind of materials and lessons your kids are getting in class, so protective are they of their captive and impressionable audience.

Fight for Our Children, a group of very concerned citizens in New Hanover County, is springing into action to combat this threat to our kids and culture. The group offers some basic resources to inform parents and those that care about our country and communities about what Critical Race Theory is, why it matters, and how to act now to protect children’s education from this collectivist poison. They also have a portal to submit examples of such indoctrination: is a group of very concerned citizens and we can’t do this alone. For us to be successful, we have to work in concert as a community. […]

CRT is Already Here in New Hanover County Schools

In February of 2021, the North Carolina State Board of Education passed state-wide policy to roll out aspects of CRT across all of the state’s school districts. […]

What’s Happening with New Hanover County Schools?

Local parents have reported that certain aspects of CRT are already being taught in high schools — this has been going on for a few years.

This year, 2021, NHCS is formally taking CRT to the next level.

First, the NHCS Board of Education is doing a wholesale re-write of the district’s policy manual, making it compliant with CRT beliefs. Next, they’ve created two new never-held-before positions; a Director of Equity and Inclusion, and a Director of Curriculum.

As concerned citizens, we are hearing about multiple instances of NHCS faculty bullying students based on their race, skin color, religion, and core beliefs. Is your child’s grades suffering because of this?

Ask your child some of the following questions:

    • Are they or classmates being singled out by teachers based on race, skin color, or core or religious beliefs?
    • Are teachers telling white students that they’re oppressors or racist?
    • Is your child being told that the White culture is racist or supremist?
    • Is your child taught that being silent on the topic of racial inequities is an act of racism? […]

Our plan to take back our schools includes:

    • Organizing to remove and replace New Hanover County Schools’ Board of Education members who support Critical Race Theory and other nonsense being implemented across the school system.
    • Dismiss all contractors and employees who are training our kids to be Marxists.

There should be 100 such efforts across the Old North State, one for each county, to combat against state sanctioned indoctrination and guard against the further intrusion of dangerous Woke politics into our public classrooms.

If there isn’t an active effort to fight Woke proselytizing in your local schools; here’s a good model to follow in organizing an effort to animate the restive energy of parents who want the best for their children in an increasingly uncertain world.

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