Federal Judge Orders More Transgender Access to Public Restrooms in NC

RALEIGH – A federal judge with a history of helping advance the political agenda of Democrats has again handed the Left a win from the bench. However, judicial activism isn’t wholly to blame; weak Republicans share in it too.

Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina Thomas Schroeder approved a settlement related to House Bill 142, the law that repealed and replaced the notorious House Bill 2, proposed by LGBT activists and Governor Roy Cooper. In so doing, he overturned part of that law and handed a win to the transgender community. No longer can the university system or state government agencies require individuals to use restrooms and locker rooms matching their biological sex.

The Executive Branch Defendants, in their official capacities, and all successors, officers, and employees are hereby permanently enjoined from applying Section 2 of H.B. 142 to bar, prohibit, block, deter, or impede any transgender individuals from using public facilities under any Executive Branch Defendant’s control or supervision, in accordance with the transgender individual’s gender identity,” the order says.

The Leftist activists and LGBTQ advocates (one and the same) are cheering the settlement, of course, because it affirms the post-modernist make-believe fantasy regarding gender identity that has been fomenting on the Left for years. Still, some of those activists don’t think winning access for biological men to women’s bathrooms at universities and rest stops is enough.

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From WLOS:

“[…] “While this is a great step forward in North Carolina for all LGBTQ people, discrimination does not start or stop at the bathrooms,” Campaign for Southern Equality director Allison Scott said.

Scott said discrimination happens regularly to her and others in the LGBTQ community.

“I know that with the discrimination that I face in my life, and along with the stories that we have heard from other LGBTQ people, we know that this is going on all of the time,” Scott said. […]”

This is delusional, and not the part where a man believes they are actually a woman and wants you to celebrate it. The idea that discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community is “going on all of the time” is a delusion.

Activists are complaining that the settlement does not allow local governments to grant transgender men and women access to restrooms they identify with, unless the legislature repeals House Bill 142 in full. Doing so would probably open the door to local schools allowing for boys that identify as girls into girls bathrooms and locker rooms.

Republican lawmakers are addressing the settlement, saying it doesn’t really change anything considering that Governor Cooper signed in executive order in 2017 mandating government agencies under executive branch control would not prevent someone from using a bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Still, the road for judges and Leftists to force government institutions to suspend biological realities in favor of progressive delusions was largely cleared by Republicans capitulating in the first place. The avalanche of negative press and manufactured outrage over House Bill 2 (a law that was a reaction to a radical ordinance from the Charlotte City Council mind you) was certainly daunting. Yet, instead of staunchly defending the very common sense and constitutional provisions of that bill, too many Republicans folded.

In repealing House Bill 2 and passing House Bill 142, Republicans ceded the ground that people in government buildings must use the bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate. While H.B. 142 blocked some other Leftist wishes regarding adding gender identity to a list of protected classes, even that expires next year, at which point the Left will ratchet up pressures all over again to force their agenda down our throats.

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