Fake News: NYT, CNN Use 1992 Dem Drawn Maps To Blast ‘Republican’ Gerrymandering

As the saga of redistricting, and more activist court ordered redistricting continues, North Carolina is getting a lot of attention from national leftist media like the New York Times and CNN.

They ostensibly cover the latest news on court opinions that regard Republican drawn maps as racial or partisan gerrymanders, and propel the mythical narrative that Republicans in the Old North State are racist, power-hungry law breakers disenfranchising voters.

In these stories, they lead with a cover photo showing state lawmakers observing a map, or pull the map images themselves for display in their segment, to demonstrate just how much Republicans gerrymandered.

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There is one little detail though that is worth pointing out: The maps the New York Times and CNN use in their coverage are…wait for it…maps DRAWN BY DEMOCRATS.

So is this and ignorant mistake by the Main Stream Media? Or are they purposely misguiding readers and viewers into thinking that the crazy maps drawn by Democrats in 1992 are actually the Republican drawn maps?

It is easy to see, once compared side by side, which maps are more guilty of egregious gerrymandering.

It’s no contest. the Republican maps are, by far, more compact and contiguous than the old Democrat maps. Maybe that’s why the Leftist media are choosing to post the Democrat maps; because it’s the only map that screams ‘gerrymandering!’.

Now, just to see the effect Fake News has on popular opinion, the laudable Dave Wasserman conducted a poll to see which map was more gerrymandered, and followed up with a quiz on which maps people thought were Republicans’ and which were Democrats’.

Well, duh! As I said before, it is no contest. Look at how one map has districts winding through like a snake in the grass, while the other is neat and compact.

So which one does a majority think is the Republican map?

Of course people think the more gerrymandered map is the work of Republicans! The media has been spinning the narrative non-stop and actually promoting that myth by using Democrat maps as the example.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that ‘Fake News’ isn’t a real threat. It happens all the time, whether it be through ignorance or partisan malice, and this is a shining example of just how Leftist media pull one over on the public in order to smear Republicans.

They just can’t afford for people to have all the information, because then more and more free-thinking voters would see the light, and move from the Left, to the Right.


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