Fake News in NC-11: ‘Never-Trumper’ Videos and WNC Congressional Republican Primary Drama

NC-11 – The scrum to win the Republican primary for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District following Rep. Mark Meadows (R) surprise decision to not seek reelection has not been lacking intra-district squabbling and even a concerted smear campaign. Lynda Bennett, having been essentially endorsed by the Freedom Caucus (of which Meadows is the leader) and earning the support of several wives of key Freedom Caucus members, had a leg up on the competition, and thus a big target on her back.

Enter a video, spread around the district, in which Bennett is raging as a proud ‘Never Trumper’ at a county meeting. A candidate with the backing of Trump allies, campaigning as a Trump supporter, exposed as a ‘Never Trumper’? Not quite.

When the video was initially circulated weeks ago, we at First in Freedom Daily did not run it, as the video was incomplete and lacked context. Turns out, that may have been by design. According to sleuth/voter in western North Carolina that took time to dig on the video origins and the rest of the tape, the entire thing appears to be a dishonest smear campaign.

From Bernard Baruch Carman of the Natural Rights Coalition.

“[…] After spending some time investigating into this claim by certain individuals that Lynda Bennett lied about her support of President Trump, I have now found concrete evidence of foul play on the part of at least two individuals in District 11.

A cut (edited/incomplete) portion of audio from a GOP meeting on 9/22/2016, just prior to the November 2016 general election has been disseminated among various Republicans throughout WNC — especially Congressional District 11 where Lynda Bennett is running.

Eddie Cabe and Monroe Miller Jr., who are members of the Republican Party, are largely responsible for disseminating the cut audio. Paul Yeager who used the [cut] audio for his published YouTube video entitled “Lynda Bennet is a “Never Tumper” informed me that he received it from Monroe Miller. Therefore, Paul may just be playing the part of a “patsy”, as there is no concrete evidence that he was at the GOP meeting in question, or that he was made privy to the deceit of Eddie & Monroe.

As perhaps merely a side note, on Monday, Feb 25, I received in the USPS four related slick color political ads upon which someone spent a lot of money. Two of these are different letter sized hit pieces against Lynda Bennett which allege this claim of her being a “Never Trumper” (… apparently because someone felt one just wasn’t enough to get the message across). The other two (one of which is tabloid sized) are for the Dan Driscoll campaign.

I find it interesting that all four of these are related — they are paid for by the same PAC: “Fix Congress Now!”: https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php…

I personally have no dog in this race, other than trying to figure out which of the Republicans on my ballot I ought to support. I just happened to meet Lynda Bennett at most recent local gun show and spent some time chatting to get a feel for her passion to serve publicly, especially regarding our Natural Right to Self-Defense which is under attack by both Democrats and even a growing number of Republicans (like Thom Tillis, for example).

I left with a very good impression of Lynda, which is why it just didn’t sit right with me when I heard of these allegations claiming she is dishonest, and therefore not fit for holding office.

Being that I’m no “noob” to the continued massive political deceptions in and outside of the partisan duopoly, I found it most telling that people have spent so much effort and money in attempt to discredit Lynda Bennet, and therefore my gut continued telling me to investigate further.

I’m so very glad I did, for my continued investigation into this matter has now proven my “gut feeling” to be 100% accurate! Let us consider the evidence discovered in my investigation:

• We have a “hit” YouTube video against Lynda Bennett published, including only the cut portion of audio from the 9/22/2016 GOP meeting, which alleges she is speaking about herself as being a “Never Trumper”. However, even the cut audio clearly includes her saying, “… this is what I’m hearing,” which blatantly indicates she is speaking about others.

• To give those a fair chance to provide more conclusive evidence, I requested the rest of the cut audio from the video’s author, Paul Yeager. He first gave me a “Haywood County Toeprints” website for me to try and find the full audio, then He also gave me the contact info of one Monroe Miller Jr., whom he said made the recording. I contacted Monroe via email but never heard a response from him. I know he received it because Paul later CC’d me on his email response to an email from Monroe scolding Paul for sharing his contact info without getting approval. So I have to wonder, if Monroe did not deliberately cut the audio where he did in order to spread disinformation, he would have either provided the rest of the audio upon request, or at least responded claiming he doesn’t have any additional audio from the meeting.

• When I began to present a counter argument based upon the evidence thus far on Monday, Feb 25, one Eddie Cabe publicly chimed in on Facebook stating he was witness to the meeting from which the recording was made (his voice is actually on the recording) claiming that she was not speaking about others but about herself — this is his public witness. When I inquired of him about Lynda’s clear statement, “… this is what I’m hearing,” and about acquiring the rest of the cut audio, my questions were met with silence.

• I was also given a link (which I cannot currently locate) to various PDF’s including Monroe Miller Jr.’s handwritten minutes from the recorded meeting in which I found evidence of his conveniently omitting Lynda Bennett’s comment included in the disseminated audio that clearly states, “… this is what I’m hearing.” This exemplifies inaccuracy at best, and deliberate deception at worst. I had taken a partial screen snapshot in order to shed more light on the apparent intentions of Miller which I’ve uploaded to my box account here: https://app.box.com/s/ey7yf78dhxjhsba468zfupy0gxh7zcq3

• Next, one “WNCBlueRidgeGrannie1” comments on Paul’s YouTube video sharing a link about this so called “Haywood Five”, which just so happens to include Monroe Miller Jr., Eddie Cabe, and Paul Yeager — those who have spent considerable time attacking Lynda Bennett over what continues to appear to be not only false allegations, but deliberate deceit the further I investigate:

• Now the real smoking gun is discovered: I have now finally found the rest of the cut audio which has been disseminated by members of this so called “Haywood Five” and it’s very revealing. It was on the link Paul had shared with me (thanks Paul!), but was difficult to locate as there are a lot of similar looking links:


(secondary link: https://app.box.com/s/obk9b3423wqksbfrsh2y2viu359aipmc )

At 1:15 is where the disseminated audio began where Lynda *appears* to be speaking of herself as being a “Never Trump” person.

At 1:27 it is revealed Lynda is speaking about other people within the GOP when she plainly states, “… that’s what I’m hearing.”

At 2:12 Lynda says, “Eddie, I am being facetious!” (followed by laughter of at least a few folks in attendance). According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of “facetious” is: 1. joking or jesting often inappropriately; 2. meant to be humorous or funny : not serious.

*** Now take a moment to consider: Could Eddie and Monroe (who were present) have in any way accidentally missed the FACT that Lynda was clearly speaking about others within the GOP rather than herself when she made the mention of “that’s what I’m hearing”? Perhaps, but I doubt it. Regardless, is there any chance whatsoever Eddie and Monroe could have misunderstood her when she loudly said directly to Eddie, “Eddie, I am being facetious!”, obviously referring to her mimicking the voices of others…? CERTAINLY NOT!!! All this was obviously deliberately cut by either Eddie or Monroe from the audio which has been disseminated. However, just in case there is any doubt whatsoever, let us continue.

At 2:24 Lynda continues mimicking others, even obviously changing her voice to sound like someone else other than herself, followed again by laughter. She is also obviously conveying her being very frustrated and upset about the situation of trying to work with others who are so opposed to Trump.

At 3:40 Another lady in attendance who is evidently confused about Lynda’s mimicking begins to explain to Lynda that Trump is up in the polls, and if she says she is “Never Trump” she is handing over the 2016 election to Hillary.

At 3:55 Ken Henson says (speaking to Lynda), “I believe she thinks you’re not for Trump.”

At 3:59 Ken Henson says (about Lynda), “She really is for Trump… hey, she really is for Trump, she’s just … (inaudible due to many individuals speaking simultaneously).”

At 4:-05 Lynda breaks through all the commotion and says, “I’m using “Never Trump” as an example, because there are people [in the GOP – as previously stated] that are like, “Never Trump…!”

*** Leading up to this point, if there was ANY honest confusion among the attendees at this meeting about Lynda’s mimicking of the “Never Trumper’s” she was frustrated with in the GOP, that confusion was certainly put to rest by now. Eddie & Monroe — among apparently many others — were witness to this FACT. Yet, somehow we are now supposed to believe this new story of Eddie and Monroe who are suddenly claiming otherwise???

All this proves beyond a shadow of doubt that both Eddie Cabe and Monroe Miller have acted as deceivers in this instance and have destroyed their integrity — who could ever trust them after this stunt?

Cabe & Miller should not only never be trusted in the future with regard to ANY political position (public or party), but should be barred from Republican Party meetings, and be prohibited from ever being GOP delegates.

It’s not clear as to whether or not Paul Yeager was involved with the deliberate deception, as he may have been duped as well by these deceivers who were present at this meeting where the recording took place. However, at this point if Paul continues to join in on this ongoing deception, he is as much to blame as the others and should be likewise punished by the GOP.

What is fascinating to me is the ignorance those responsible for crafting this deception exemplify in apparently assuming no one would ever discover the truth about their deception!

Shame on those who have taken part in this deceit against a LOT of Republican voters in WNC, especially in District 11, which only serves to further corrupt a very corrupted election process.


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