[EXCLUSIVE OP-ED] NC Senator Ron Rabin: North Carolina – Preserving History

WW2 Memorial in Charlotte being cleaned after it was vandalized by the Woke Mob

(Ron Rabin is a veteran and State Senator in North Carolina, representing the 12th Senate district in the N.C. General Assembly)

Over the course of the summer, we have seen far-left anarchists attempt to destroy America’s history, with mainstream Democrats seemingly giving them a pass for their actions. These anarchists have destroyed our statues, vandalized our memorials, and burned our businesses to the ground. North Carolina is no exception.

Here in the Tar Heel State, a Christopher Columbus statue was ripped down by these far-left anarchists in June. They spray painted and burned the statue before tossing it in a lake in Richmond. In a Charlotte cemetery, a World War II memorial was vandalized with a painted hammer and sickle symbol. This is in addition to the numerous other statues and memorials that we have seen vandalized across the state in recent months.

All throughout the United States, we have seen these radicals vandalize and destroy any memorials in their path. Whether they’re Civil War-era statues, memorials to the Founding Fathers, or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., they are all being targeted in these senseless attacks. The goal of these radicals is to destroy every statue and memorial across the country until they completely eradicate America’s history.

In response to their actions, President Trump has deployed federal law enforcement throughout the country to protect our nation’s monuments. In June, he signed an executive order to prosecute anyone who vandalizes America’s statues, memorials, and monuments. The President has made it clear that America will not cower to any enemy – foreign and domestic – and is using every tool at his disposal to protect America’s legacy.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and the Democrats either avoid talking about the issue or give these anarchists a pass for their actions. When the former vice president does take an opportunity to speak about the statues, he says the federal government has a responsibility to protect them but never gives his own solutions. Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler ignorantly called violence from far-left anarchists like Antifa a “myth” in a video that went viral last month. Rep. Nadler is one of the highest ranked Democrats in the country. He is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. If he thinks this is all a “myth,” maybe he needs to leave Capitol Hill and visit the country that he is making decisions for.

Democrats simply don’t consider the riots that have occurred across the summer serious, and they have no respect for what America’s memorials represent. If they did, Joe Biden would have solutions to what’s happening in this country as a main pillar of his campaign’s platform, but he doesn’t.

America is at an inflection point. There is a stark contrast between our choices on the ballot this November. We have Joe Biden and the Democrats who have no respect for what our great nation has accomplished, and then you have President Trump and Republicans who are trying to safeguard the soul of this nation. Far-left radicals are trying to destroy the United States from the inside as we speak. We cannot allow that to happen.

On Election Day, I just ask everyone to remember that President Trump and Republicans are the only candidates on the ballot who want to preserve our nation for future generations to come. Freedom is not guaranteed. The Founding Fathers passed the mantle of responsibility to protect it to us — and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, we can’t let them down.

(Ron Rabin is a veteran and State Senator in North Carolina, representing the 12th Senate district in the N.C. General Assembly)

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