Everyone Is A Socialist Now: ‘Moral March’ Leftists Descend On Raleigh

RALEIGH – On Saturday thousands of Leftists converged on downtown Raleigh to call for resistance. Resisting what? The answer to that contains a laundry list of Republican policies, and the requisite boogeyman of racism.

The ‘Moral March’ has been happening annually for years now, organized by the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP to provide an event for social justice warriors, LGBT advocates, Marxists, and a lot of people that aren’t really sure what they’re there for beyond ‘resistance.’

This year the focused on gerrymandering and voting rights, because ‘Racism.’ There was no protest of gerrymandering in years and decades past as Democrats used their legislative mandates to draw some of the most tortured maps in the country.

While they get a lot of fawning news coverage from the Mainstream Media around Raleigh, pushing the idea that the event is all about equality and tolerance, the truth is that the event is the exclusive domain of a Leftist political philosophy that is decidedly anti-capitalist.

It was too long ago that calling someone a socialist was to demean them as ignorant and/or dangerous purveyors of an anti-American ideology. Now the Overton Window has shifted to include this immoral philosophy as an acceptable option among the mainstream.

Just look at the glee with which national media has celebrated the sister of murderous despot Kim Jong Un at the Olympics.

The fact is that the leaders of the Left don’t find much to resist when it comes to authoritarians like Kim, or the U.S.S.R., or the starvation and squalor plaguing socialist Venezuela.

The numbers of marchers belie the fact that these positions are not mainstream at all. Instead, the urban Democrat strongholds in North Carolina have leaped to the radical Left, leaving the more mainstream Democrats across North Carolina behind.

Those Democrats that don’t necessarily believe in ushering in a socialist utopia, or confiscating money from the producers of this state to redistribute a universal income, or have the audacity to believe not everything Republicans do emanates from an evil racist core  – those Democrats are left wondering what to do.

Increasingly they register as Unaffiliated Voters, find agreement with populist movements on the Right, and join the ranks of the Forgotten Man.

So, by all means Democrats, keep marching down main street with your ‘Workers of the World Unite’ banners. It will only reveal to more reasonable minds how truly bonkers you and your policies are, and that revelation will be good for North Carolina in the end.

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