ENOUGH: Union County School Board Votes Unanimously to Make Masks Optional for Students and Staff

MONROE – The Union County School Board voted 9-0 Tuesday afternoon to suspend the forced masking of students and staff, making face coverings optional instead. The move comes as the futility and burden of masking in schools becomes so unavoidable that even Governor Roy Cooper is hinting at coming changes to the statewide school mask mandate.

Union County weren’t waiting for permission.

Of course mainstream media coverage of the vote, like this from WBTV picked up by MSN, frames the move as brazen and reckless, needlessly endangering the lives of vulnerable children. They do this by giving a mere passing reference to the supporting argument, and then drowning that out with many times more Pandemic Panic narrative boosters.

“The views were split among the speakers.

Some wanted optional mask-wearing, others wanted full masking for non-vaccinated and others wanted no mask mandate.

“I hope they make the masks optional and realize one size does not fit all,” parent Richard Daunt said.

A motion passed recommending the board make masks be optional this upcoming school year.”

“At motion passed,” they drop as a casual aside, breezing past the fact that the motion represented a massively consequential decision was made 9-0, UNANIMOUSLY, and undoubtedly with the overwhelming support of district parents and students.

With the obligatory nod taken care of, the path is cleared for burying it in a pile of fear mongering testimony that has become common place since the advent of Pandemic Panic.

This is the entire rest of the article:

Elena Brown told WBTV she wants masks to still be a requirement in UCPS

“The CDC guidelines were just updated, it is clearly stated that unvaccinated students and staff need to wear face coverings,” Brown said.

At Tuesday’s school board meeting, some parents pleaded to hold off on removing mask requirements. They said it won’t last forever, just until everyone has the option to get their children vaccinated.

“Kids should be able to get the vaccines in the next few months,” Brown said. “Maybe until Octoberish and that’s it. Once parents have at least the option to choose the vaccine for their children, then we can talk about removing those masks and get those kids back to completely normal.”

Brown said removing mask requirements makes it so medically vulnerable children feel obligated to stay at home to protect their own health.

“A lot of parents are saying, ‘I’m going to have to quit my job, I’m going to have to take leave to home school if the masks aren’t in place until vaccinations are available for the under 12 crowd,” Brown said.

Other parents fear wearing masks for another school year could create long-term effects.

“There are kids who are having problems, skin rashes, causing some psychological disturbance. Kids with ADHD who are struggling,” Daunt said. “It generally creates an atmosphere of fear when everyone is wearing masks. It’s a visible reminder of like ‘danger, danger.’”

Every single remaining word is dedicated to spreading fear and demonizing common sense as a threat to public safety. It literally ends with, ‘danger, danger.’

Yet, with changing federal guidance giving Governor Roy Cooper cover for easing school masking mandates, it will be harder and harder to keep the masking mania narrative alive.

By the fall, it is likely that most kids will return to more normal school days with masks being optional. It is LONG overdue. Months and months and months of evidence demonstrates the extraordinary lack of ‘danger’ to in-person school populations. Not to mention the years of scientific studies examining the efficacy of face coverings in mitigating the contraction of transmission of respiratory viruses.

Inexplicably, as mask mandates were lifted for general populations, kids, the least vulnerable group, were kept in face diapers. Recently, an audacious team of researchers at Duke University established, in short, “that social distancing is worthless in schools, so masks work!” If that doesn’t seem to make scientific sense, that’s because it doesn’t make any scientific sense at all.

Just because the narrative support is crumbling, that doesn’t mean they won’t continue on with the plot. Already, we’ve seen the emphasized distinction between ‘vaccinated and non-vaccinated’ at the center of continued masking. The maskers above leverage it as well.

Meanwhile, the Cooper administration has stealthily rolled out an official NC vaccine passport

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