Durham Herald-Sun Celebrates Double Standard: Warns Men To “Not Burn Down The House” For ‘National Men Make Dinner Day’

Double standards are a fact of life. Some of them make sense, some of them clearly don’t.

Perhaps the most recognizable of double standards are those stereotyping the differences between men and women. The Left usually derides these, but curiously focuses on those that paint women, as a group, as inferior in one way or another, while ignoring, or even perpetuating, those that cast men as dopey Homer Simpson types.

The Durham Herald-Sun waded into these murky waters when it published a story about National Men Make Dinner Day, itself a presumptuous celebration of a double standard if we’re being honest.

Men, break out those frying pans, smile — and please don’t burn down the house, reads the headline.

“The day for men to cook dinner is officially (more or less) celebrated the first Thursday in November. The website of the organization that sponsors the observance advises men who will participate to “keep your sense of humour handy along with your frying pan and who knows, this could be the start of something beautiful. Or charred.”

Tuesday, the topic #NationalMenMakeDinnerDay was trending locally and nationally on Twitter. The hashtag included numerous satirical posts of men burning up stoves and houses trying to cook. One post featured Homer Simpson making corn flakes.

The highly tongue-in-cheek website offers rules, recipes and “no nos.” The rules stipulate that the man must shop for the meal, which should have a minimum of four ingredients “and require at least one cooking utensil other than a fork,” the website states. Barbecuing is not allowed, and women with expensive cookware are advised to hide it.

Besides barbecuing, the site bans take-out pizza, sandwiches from vending machines, leftovers and other short cuts.”

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Don’t burn down the house? If the same logic employed when attacking double standards that discount women was used here, men would be having a cow.

Surely, millions of men make dinner on a regular basis. Surely, millions of men are exceedingly capable of doing so without ‘burning down the house’ and presenting a fine meal to boot.

Will men reading this headline be triggered? Probably not, nor should they be. It’s really no big deal in the end, but it shines a light on how the double standards worth attacking are selectively screened by a Leftist media culture for those that benefit Leftists cause.

Women as overly emotional to a fault? Bad. Unacceptable.

Men as bumbling doofuses incapable of changing a diaper or cooking dinner without a disaster? So true! LOL!

What if the Herald-Sun had published a title that read, ‘Grab his car keys, ladies – and please don’t get into total it before you reach the grocery store!‘?

Do you think plenty of reasonable people would have cried foul over the implicit suggestion? Of course they would.

The dirty little secret, that is in plain sight each and every day, is that the biggest double standard of them all is between the Left and the Right – Progressivism and Conservativism, Collectivism and Individualism – and is prevalent across media and politics .


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