DH: Fake News Alert in NC Senate District 25 GOP Primary Between Lexo, McInnis?

MOORE COUNTY – The Establishment is coming out hard it seems for incumbent Republican state Senator Tom McInnis (R-ROCKINGHAM) in his close primary race with Mayor of Whispering Pines Michelle Lexo.

Daily Haymaker is drawing attention to some recent mailers from a not-quite-conservative group blasting Lexo to run cover for McInnis.

“The tax-increase-loving, Common-Core-Caressing, Trannies-in-the-Ladies-Room-Appreciating, Illegal-Alien-Loving North Carolina Chamber is at it again.

They’ve dropped another mailer into the already-nasty Senate district 25 GOP primary featuring Tom McInnis and Michelle Lexo. Of course, the big-government face-in-the-trough types at the Chamber love them some Tom McInnis.

This particular mailer had the odor of a horse stable needing a good cleaning. How so, you ask:

The mailer claims Leo “supports a 50% property tax increase on Moore County home owners.” The source cited was The Fayetteville Observer fro 4/11/18.

The problem? No such article exists in that paper regarding Lexo or that subject. We looked. I reached out to the Lexo campaign. They looked. They couldn’t find it.

Calls were placed to The Fayetteville Observer newsroom. A number of editors there attempted to find the story cited by The Chamber mailer — and failed.

Wow. Quoting from a fabricated news story. That almost tops the Chamber’s ads a few years ago about how our kids were all going to die if we didn’t approve a tax increase.[…]”

Read more about this fake news mailer here.


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