Despite Cold Rain, Many North Carolinians Made Trip For President Trump’s Inauguration

Despite sporadic showers throughout the day, and temperatures that hovered in the 40’s, many people from the state of North Carolina made their way north to be at our nation’s capitol for the Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

WNCT highlighted several individuals from eastern North Carolina who made the trip to Washington, D.C.

Joseph Knox and Keith Kidwell, both from Washington, North Carolina made the drive, with Kidwell saying, “I wanted to experience the culmination of the Trump Train basically.”

“I just wanted to be there to see history in the making,” Knox concluded.

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Both men agreed that the atmosphere throughout the entire event was ‘positive, exciting and energetic.’

“Static-electric in the air — a couple times people just broke out chanting ‘USA’ and ‘Trump,’” said Kidwell. “It was just unreal. ‘Surreal,’ I guess, would be the right word.”

Karen Hardesty, a resident of Carteret County, also made the trip. But, apparently, it was what she didn’t see that surprised her most of all.

“There’s a few protestors, but not nearly like we thought it was going to be,” Hardesty said.

Clearly, the mainstream media narrative heading into the event played a big role in setting those expectations.

Trump’s address ended up running less than 20 minutes, while touching on numerous issues including patriotism, improving the economy, eradicating radical Islamic terrorism, improving education, and many others.

Both Knox and Kidwell mentioned the name of former President Ronald Reagan when describing their feelings on the new President’s speech, saying that it was very similar to the way Reagan made people feel about one another and our nation.

“It talked about America, and we’re all Americans when it’s all said and done,” said Kidwell.

Knox had similar views, saying, “It was a good way for him to start out his Presidency and move forward from here.”



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