DESPERATE: Gross Smear of Republican Dan Bishop in Reemerges in NC-09 Special Election

CHARLOTTE – In the 2018 election cycle, N.C. Senator Dan Bishop (R-Mecklenburg), then running for reelection to the General Assembly, was subjected to nasty smear: That Bishop was indirectly responsible for mass murder via an investment he made in an online social platform. If it sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is. Bishop won that election, but now that the conservative is running for congress in a special election for North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, the Left is resorting to their desperate ways again.

At issue: Bishop’s $500 investment in a firm called ‘Gab,’ which was founded as an alternative to Twitter, boasting that it had less politically correct censorship that conservatives have often been subjected to on the more ‘woke’ platforms. Many people supported the platform as a way to support free speech, which is undeniably under attack in myriad ways across the country.

Then, in October 2018, an evil anti-Semite scumbag walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh and murdered 11 people. The shooter used Gab.

The Left immediately set out to associate any supporter of Gab with White Nationalism, Antisemitism, racism, bigotry, and even mass murder. Bishop, who announced his small investment in Gab as in support of free speech when he made it, became one of the targets of the smear campaign. His Democratic opponent tried to make Bishop out to be a supporter of the kind of evil that befell the synagogue in Pennsylvania.

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Bishop’s response would have dismissed concerns, and debunked the smear for any reasonable person interested enough to follow the race:

“I made a $500 crowdfunding investment 14 months ago in a startup called Gab, which promoted itself as a new, unbiased social media platform. I don’t use Gab, but if its management allows its users to promote violence, anti-Semitism, and racism on the platform they have misled investors and they will be gone quickly, and rightfully so […]” 

Fast-forward nearly a year and forces in support of Bishop’s new Democratic opponent, this time for congress, Democrat Dan McCready, are now trying out the smear all over again.

Similar to last year, the ad comes out on the heels of a mass-shooting in El Paso, Texas that the media links exclusively to White Nationalism and xenophobia (they conveniently leave out the hysterical environmentalism, anti-Trump positions of the El Paso shooter).

Extremists and murderers use Gab – Bishop invested a small amount of money in Gab – Bishop is sympathetic to extremists and mass-murderers.

Democrats resorting to such tactics is hardly surprising; it’s virtually their calling card. Notably, though, the ad above is being run by two PACs run by “independents.” Specifically, Stand Up Republic and American Values PAC, which are run by Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn. If those names sound familiar, it is because the pair ran as independent “conservatives” against Donald Trump in 2016.

Their PACs are “dedicated to good government, defense of the rule of law and opposition to racism.” The idea that Bishop is a racist is laughable. Further, being that his is the general election, the “non-partisan” PACs are actively helping to elect a Democrat to congress in North Carolina. How does that promote good government and rule of law?

This time around, Bishop’s response is more forceful:

“Dan McCready was already running the most dishonest campaign in America but this ad is a new low filled with libelous, defamatory slander and any media outlet that publishes or broadcasts it should prepare to join the ad’s sponsors in defending it in court.”

But the two PACs aren’t done with Bishop yet. They apparently plan to spend $500,000 in the 9th District against the Republican. Moreover, the next ads will feature testimonials in support of McCready from Republican figures. like former N.C. Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, and Bishop’s former Republican primary opponent, Beth Monaghan.

A bunch of “Republicans” teaming up to help a Democrat defeat a conservative and bolster Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

If you’re not inclined to let such forces prevent the election of a conservative to congress, you can that conservative fight back here.

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