Deja vus: NAACP, Left Attack Voter ID as Racist

Voters stand in line during early voting at the Beatties Ford Library in Charlotte, North Carolina October 20, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Keane

RALEIGH – You’d be forgiven for thinking it was 2013 all over again when watching the evening news in North Carolina. There you would have recently seen sympathetic reporting of the state NAACP coming out to declare a charter school law and a voter ID constitutional amendment as…you guessed it…racist.

In 2013, with Republican Gov. Pat McCrory rounding out the first instance of complete Republican control of state government in generations, the Left and the NAACP (redundant, we know) were crying racism over the passage of voter ID requirements by the Republican legislature. Then it was Rev. William Barber leading ‘Moral Monday’ protests against the evil Republicans.

Now there is new leadership at the NAACP here in the Old North State, but the line of attack is quite familiar.

As a state, we cannot court forward-thinking companies while seeking to discriminatorily deny the franchise to eligible voters in our constitution,” said Rev. T. Anthony Spearman, the new NAACP agitator-in-chief.

As well as saying the voter ID bill “is an affront to the Voting Rights Act and the sacred right to vote.”

That’s the Left, who promote their holier-than-thou compassion for the poor, literally asking two of the biggest, most successful companies in the world NOT to bring their tens of thousands of jobs to North Carolina.

And just so the NAACP knows, Amazon already operates facilities in several states that have strict voter ID requirements.

(Actually, this is also reminiscent of 2016. Amid the manufactured outrage over House Bill 2, then-gubernatorial contender Roy Cooper was telling companies to stay away from North Carolina.)

The 2013 voter ID law was overturned in federal court, with the Leftist judges saying it targeted African-American voters. You’d think North Carolina was pushing for Jim Crow laws with the smear campaign waged by the Left, and aided by an activist court.

Notably, though, a majority of states actually require some form of ID in order to vote, a point acknowledged consistently by media even as they eagerly report the racism narrative.

“Most states require some form of voter ID. Some state rules are more stringent than others. North Carolina is one of 14 states without a voter ID requirement, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Donald Bryson, president of the conservative Civitas Institute in Raleigh, said the state shouldn’t wait for fraudulent voting to become a problem to pass a voter ID law.

“Just because it’s rare doesn’t mean it’s not a problem,” Bryson said. And even a rare event could swing a close election.

“I think voter ID is a positive thing for our elections,” Bryson said.”

Despite the common sense logic of requiring an ID to protect the integrity of elections, the Left is insistent upon stirring up racial animosity over the issue.

And if you think about it, the whole anti-ID push doesn’t speak kindly of the way the Left, and even the NAACP, think about people of color. Do they think that black voters are so inept that they do not have, or cannot secure an ID? Do they assume black voters don’t care about protecting the integrity of their vote? Do they think scaring away Apple and Amazon isn’t a loss for black tech industry workers?

The truth is that the Left need minority voters to stick with them as a permanent victim class, and telling them that everything Republicans do is a racists conspiracy to disenfranchise them is one way to secure their loyalty as a voting block.

But even this scheme has got to be losing its luster in the eyes of minority voters after the umpteenth time.

In all likelihood the voter ID question will be put to voters in November, and then the Left will conclude that all of North Carolina is racist for approving it.

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