Data from 122,000 School District Responses Shows More COVID-19 Cases in Schools Using Masks Than Those Not

RALEIGH – Well, this is a real narrative-buster.

Data from the National COVID-19 School Response Dashboard suggests that school mask mandates aren’t having any mitigating impact on transmission of COVID-19. In fact, it appears that schools and districts with mask mandates in place are faring considerably worse.

The National COVID-19 School Response Dashboard began in August 2020, motivated by the need for better data on COVID-19 in U.S. schools. According to their website, the goals of this effort are to:
  1. Collect data on COVID-19 case rates among staff and students,
  2. Explore how COVID-19 case rates correlate with the number of staff and students attending school in person, and
  3. Explore how COVID-19 data correlate with the mitigation strategies utilized by schools.
They also make “One very important point” The data include cases among people associated with in-person schooling, regardless of where cases were acquired. That is to say, they do not differentiate between cases acquired at school and those acquired elsewhere. It is an important factor, but simply beyond the scope of their tools. It means that high cases of COVID-19 in schools do not necessarily mean high transmission and infections in school. You may view their data collection methods here.
So what does their data say, after a year of collecting it?
Well, not what the Mask Maniacs would like it to say; which is why you haven’t heard anything about it.
Doesn’t seem to match the narrative of ‘masks save lives,’ does it? You better believe if this data so much as hinted at backing up the mask mandates, you’d hear it loud and proud from every corner of the Pandemic Panic media and wannabe-authoritarians.
But it doesn’t, and that’s why you haven’t heard a peep about this data.
In fact, the hundreds of thousands of responses indicate that case rates appear significantly higher in those schools requiring masking versus those that do not.
What’s more, is the data doesn’t seem to support the efficacy of ANY mitigation measures. Masking, social distancing, even student density, doesn’t show a positive correlation with reducing case rates in schools. Like, at all.
Social distancing:
Improved ventilation:
This obviously blows up the Left’s narrative about how returning to normal just isn’t possible, that COVID mitigations are here to stay, that issuing and complying with mask mandates work to slow the spread of the virus.
Being that it destroys that narrative so much, let’s see who paid for it all. Probably some alt-right COVID-skeptical, insurrectionists spouting misinformation, right? WRONG.
The number one listed source of funding is the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, a.k.a. the activism fund for mega-billionaire Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The same organization that spend hundreds of millions beefing up elections boards and financing ballot drop boxes in Democrat strongholds. It’s rounded out with a lot of other entities that do not qualify as some right-wing COVID skeptics, to say the least.
Why, then, if this is the ‘science and data’ painstakingly collected to examine how these policies affect schools regarding COVID, is this being totally ignored in favor of masking and fear?

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