Dan Forest Points Out Truth About Planned Parenthood Founders, Left/Media Blow Gasket

RALEIGH – On Monday, Martin Luther King Day, Lieutenant Governor and 2020 candidate for governor Dan Forest was speaking to a group of black ministers in Fayetteville on the issues of justice and life, both issues championed by conservatives and Christians alike around the state and country. Discussing the intersection of these two issues, Forest pointed out, a reality that makes Planned Parenthood supporters squirm: that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a documented racist who’s responsible for spearheading a eugenics movement even the Nazis admired and an abortion industry that has disproportionately ended the lives of black baby boys and girls for decades.

“There’s no doubt that, when Planned Parenthood was created, it was created to destroy the entire black race. That was the purpose of Planned Parenthood. That’s just the truth. That’s not just some bloc on the side. That was the purpose when that organization was created. How the black community can’t come together and see that and understand that and fight against it, I don’t know, and how the white community can’t come together and see that and fight against it, I don’t know either.”

Cue the media backlash. Media headlines pounced on Forest’s ‘divisive’ comments and went straight to Planned Parenthood for comment. They, of course, ripped Forest’s pro-life stance and were able to blast his “extreme agenda” with a straight face. This, coming from an organization that literally advocates to abort kill unborn children as close to birth as possible (and even after!). How they can get away with labeling anything extreme is remarkable, but the sympathetic media helps them push their own narrative.

The push back from the Left, essentially, is that Sanger didn’t really want to exterminate the entire black race, her racism was just a symptom of her times. Her speeches, comments, and actions were merely taken out of context. Imagine that perspective in contrast to these same political forces currently ripping down statues and boycotting anything for violating current dogma.

Speaking of context, what did the people there listening to Forest think? John Amanchukwu, Assistant to the bishop and youth pastor with Upper Room Church of Christ, where the speech was given, didn’t seem too divided over the issue:

“I’m thankful for Dan Forest for speaking up and saying it, but as a local church, he didn’t have to say it because we say it all the time.”

‘We say it all the time,’ the man says. They say it all the time because they understand the intimate ties and lasting pernicious effects of racism and the abortion industry. Meanwhile the Leftist media is busy running fact check articles about Sanger quotes, and quotes about Sanger, and quotes about quotes about Sanger, and so on.

But the ‘he said, she said’ about the race/abortion connection all falls away pretty quickly with one glance at this chart:

Or, you can read more of the media “Yeah, but […]” perspectives and defense of a racist eugenicist here.

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