Corporatist Cooper: Gov. Roy Cooper Leads Calls for Business Community to ‘Take Action’ Against Voting Reforms, to Stay on ‘Right Side of History’

RALEIGH – Just months removed from the most suspect elections in our lifetimes — contests for which voting rules were changed, extended, expanded, and relaxed extra-legally and after the game had already started — state legislatures around the country are fielding legislative proposals to restore some semblance of integrity and accountability in electing our representatives.

To the Democrats, Leftists, and Grifters that benefited from all the lawsuits (and lawsuit settlements) that blew voting restrictions wide open, these state legislatures must be stopped. Naturally, then, the Republican efforts must be labeled racist voter suppression.

But it’s not enough to just label them racist, or issue some conforming statement;  Governor Roy Cooper is leading calls for the business community to ‘take action’ to add weight to the Woke Wave. That’s the play given by Democrat Hack Attorney Marc Elias, who settled the lawsuit in North Carolina that extended absentee acceptance by over a week past election day.

Second, don’t just speak out, take action as well. Corporations are important stakeholders in their states. They create jobs and drive economic growth. Now is not the time to minimize your influence over state legislatures and other public officials. Use your existing lobbying power and influence to fight suppressive voting laws and to advocate for voting. If large corporations made clear to local government officials that voting rights will define the relationship between them and the state, it would make a real difference in what bills are passed and which ones are signed.

Conservative Broadcaster Pete Kaliner notes how quick Cooper was on the uptake:

Cooper penned a letter with other overzealous authoritarians like Michigan Governor Meg Whitmer calling for businesses to do as Elias says, essentially, and work against any movement to restore election laws to the realm of common sense.

“North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have helped organize a bipartisan letter calling on businesses to speak out against a flurry of bills introduced across the country that would restrict voting access.

The open letter, obtained by McClatchy, was signed by more than 50 current and former governors, lieutenant governors, state attorneys general and secretaries of state, who described themselves as “deeply concerned about the wave of voter restrictions sweeping the country.”

“We are asking the business leaders in our states, and throughout the country, to add their voices to the growing chorus of corporations standing on the right side of history,” the letter reads. […]”

The nationwide, orchestrated gas-lighting operation is intentionally rebranding the facts that these supposed ‘restrictions’ are 1) mere returns to pre-pandemic rules 2) some common sense security measures, and/or 3) actual EXPANSIONS of voting accessibility.

More significant still is that calls like this from Cooper & Co. represent a call for leveraging corporatism to enforce not only suspect elections practices, but the Woke Dogma more generally. Companies like Coca Cola and Delta, not to mention Big Tech lobbies, are already organizing pressure campaigns to oppose, alienate, and ostracize any entity, any business, and person that doesn’t comport with the Woke Worldview.

Now Cooper, and the Democrats are calling for more businesses, at home and around the country, to leverage their power to enforce the new wave order in ways that translate ominously within the context of history. It was the partnerships between big businesses and governments that helped enforce the wholesale authoritarianism of the Italian Fascist and German fascist governments. Business leaders supported the government’s political goals, and the government pursued economic policies that enriched the crony corporatists — sound familiar?

Multiple bills have been filed in North Carolina to clean up voting rules with simple changes such as….casting all votes by election day.

Not only is Cooper making it clear with this letter that he will never sign such a bill (that would upset Marc’s playbook), he wants every small-business owner, every household hero, every taxpayer, and every voter that thinks elections should require a modicum of integrity to be labeled racist, and pressured out of society by a compliant business community.

Business Bullies to Enforce the Woke. Great.

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