Cooper Tells Trump/RNC Full Scale Convention in Charlotte ‘Very Unlikely,’ RNC Already In Talks With Other Cities

RALEIGH – While Governor Roy Cooper makes excuses for protests-turned-riots — where property is destroyed, violence employed, and ‘social distancing’ is non-existent — this attitude dries up completely for opposing political or cultural messages in North Carolina. As such, Cooper told the RNC Tuesday that it is ‘very unlikely’ that he’ll allow a 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte, on account of the coronavirus.

“The people of North Carolina do not know what the status of COVID-19 will be in August, so planning for a scaled-down convention with fewer people, social distancing and face coverings is a necessity. […] As much as we want the conditions surrounding COVID-19 to be favorable enough for you to hold the Convention you describe in late August, it is very unlikely. Neither public health officials nor I will risk the health and safety of North Carolinians by providing the guarantee you seek.”

There you have it; the corona-cudgel is wielded again. An uncertain threat, made maximally scary by a hyperventilating press and Democratic leaders, is used to justify arbitrary authority over political opposition and private citizens.

Cooper presents it as a benevolent compassion for the people and their lives, but that compassion does not exist when it comes to business-owners he forced to close, or worshipers whose rights he violated. There’s a extraordinary dearth of compassion or understanding when it comes to political speech he doesn’t like.

A ‘Reopen NC’ protester got arrested for being obnoxious and standing on a sidewalk a couple of weeks ago. A protester was arrested for standing too close to others, violating Cooper’s social distancing decree. But rioting looters and vandals? They get compassion and understanding, and space to destroy.

With the news that the August convention will likely be restricted if it’s in Charlotte, the RNC is meeting with other cities as potential hosts. Cooper’s liberal sycophants urged him to ‘call Trump’s bluff,’ oblivious to the president’s clear pattern of following through on such ultimatums.

As for the president, he gave clear terms days ago:

“If [Governor Cooper] feels that he’s not going to do it, all he has to do is tell us and then we’ll have to pick another locations and I will tell you a lot of locations want it. But I picked North Carolina because I do love that state and it would have been a perfect place for it and it still would be – but he’s got to say that when thousands of people come to the arena that they’ll be able to get in. Does that make sense?”

So, it appears that the 2020 RNC will NOT be happening in Charlotte, after all. All because a manufactured state of emergency invested such arbitrary authority in one man that he can restrict opposing political events in his state.

Is this the First in Freedom State? Despite the North Carolina motto, it doesn’t even seem like it anymore.

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