Cooper Still Fighting NC Voters, Begging Court to Deny Duly Enacted Voter ID Constitutional Amendment/Law

RALEIGH – Governor Roy Cooper is begging the appeals court to not lift an injunction on the implementation of Voter ID laws.

Cooper and most Democrat lawmakers have been fighting Voter ID tooth and nail for years. Despite the fact that dozens of other states, some of the most populous ones, require some form of ID to vote, the Leftists in the Old North State have spun a narrative that Voter ID requirements are, say it with me, RACIST.

Of course, Cooper and the Democrats found some similarly inclined judges to explicitly label Voter ID as racist, designed to suppress minority voters. The the people of North Carolina voted in support of adding the Voter ID requirement to the N.C. Constitution, and BIPARTISAN implementing legislation was crafted that tied up almost every possible loose end imaginable.

Of course, with the race baiting reaching a fever pitch in 2020, the ‘racist’ smear against Voter ID requirements supported by the majority of North Carolina voters is alive and well.

From the Washington Post:

“[…] Ahead of oral arguments before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, Gov. Roy Cooper (D) urged the judges to prevent the measure, known as S.B. 824, from taking effect over objections from Republican legislative leaders.

“Lifting the injunction now would be disastrous,” lawyers for the governor told the judges in court filings. “The brunt would be borne by the same voters whom S.B. 824 targeted for disenfranchisement in the first place: minority voters who are both least likely to possess photo IDs that satisfy S.B. 824 and most vulnerable to COVID-19.” […]”

Would you look at that; a DOUBLE dose of smearing and fear mongering to demonize Republicans and blatantly ignore the will of North Carolina voters.

The idea that such a requirement disenfranchises minority voters is an absolute farce. Democrats like former N.C. Senator Joel Ford helped make sure that voters had every possible avenue to secure an ID free of charge, if they did not have one, and to accept so many forms of ID to satisfy the requirement that it would make your head spin.

No matter; everything that Republicans do is racist. And those Democrats that completely support such measures? Nothin’ to see here.

Now, Cooper adds that the Voter ID legislation would also affect those most vulnerable to COVID-19. That’s interesting, since he and everyone else have been encouraging those at risk to vote by mail. In North Carolina, to request an absentee ballot, a voter must….have some form of ID to list:

Driver’s License Number or Social Security Number…

So how does the ID requirement disenfranchise those most vulnerable to COVID-19 again, Roy?

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