Cooper Lets Lawlessness Overtake State Capitol Grounds, Police Retreat Lets Mob Tear Down Statue

RALEIGH – Well, quite a few woke warriors and anti-racists took the opportunity to ‘celebrate’ Juneteenth with a raucous protest that ended with a mob overrunning the Old State Capitol grounds, surrounding and affixing a rope to a confederate statue, heaving it down, and then ‘lynching’ it a couple blocks away.

And some one gave the order to let them do it. Police were not overtaken; they all, at the same moment, simply retreated to let the mob with destructive intentions take the grounds.

While two statues were torn down, the monument (which is quite big) remains. There are other statues on the grounds that could certainly be connected to yesteryear’s scourge, such as that of Charles B. Aycock, a noted and energetic White Supremacist. Aycock was a leader in the Wilmington Insurrection in violent coup of the mixed city government and he served as governor of North Carolina. He was a Democrat. It does not appear to have been destroyed.

There has been no comment, as of 10:00 AM, by either, Governor Roy Cooper, or Attorney General Josh Stein on the lawlessness in the state capital.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest had this to say:

“North Carolinians should be shocked by the utter lawlessness that occurred in downtown Raleigh once again last night, this time on the State Capitol grounds. While Gov. Cooper shifted blame when our cities were looted and buildings were damaged, he has no excuses this time. Last night’s destruction occurred on state property, right next to his office. It is clear that Gov. Cooper is either incapable of upholding law and order, or worse, encouraging this behavior. The essence of a free society is the rule of law. When our elected leaders turn a blind eye to chaos, destruction, and disorder, society begins to unravel.”

So which is it? Is Cooper completely impotent, or does he have some interest in allowing such ‘woke’ anarchy persist?

Whatever the legislature or Historical Commission should have done with these statues (plenty of options to relocate, plenty of honorable statues to replace with), the precedent being set here, and wherever these mobs are allowed to take over, is that if you don’t like something, you can violently destroy it.

It’s shameful and dangerous. Especially because the mob, with every violent lawless action, is causing many others to wonder how this will be stopped. The police won’t stop them, but we can assure you there is a healthy contingent of North Carolinians that will not stand quietly by if the mob destruction expands its targets to more sensitive symbols.

George Washington, for instance, stands tall on the south side of the building. Is Roy Cooper going to let a mob destroy monuments to our Founding Fathers in a lawless fit of delusional hysteria?

The mob is never appeased, only emboldened. This will continue. The targets will expand to everything that represents anything the mob demonizes, including the symbols of that which makes the idea of America so great. It’s going to be a long summer.

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