Cooper-led State Government Hands Notorious H1-B Vise Abuser $25 MILLION in Incentives

WRAL reported this week that the technology firm Infosys will hire 2,000 people in Wake County. The company is receiving economic incentive monies amounting to approximately $25 million.

There is a dark side to this story, however. Infosys happens to be a huge outsourcing abuser. It relishes taking jobs from Americans and giving them to foreigners.

Consider the following:

  1. It has been sued because it discriminates in favor of Indian nationals at the expense of whites and African-Americans;
  2. It has been accused of replacing American workers with Indian nationals at certain companies;
  3. It has been called out by the Trump Administration because of H1-B visa abuses;
  4. New York State forced it to pay a settlement of $1 million after an investigation into H1-B visa abuses;
  5. It paid a $34 million settlement several years ago after being sued by Obama’s Justice Department because of visa fraud.

The jobs in North Carolina are part of an effort to extend an olive branch to the Trump Administration and demonstrate good faith. Infosys recently promised to hire 10,000 workers in the United States.

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But it is reasonable to question precisely who will get the jobs. The WRAL article claims Infosys is saying it will recruit from area universities. It should be noted, however, that the colleges and universities admit huge numbers of foreign students who often proceed to make concerted attempts to remain here. This is a huge gravy train for the schools.

Will Infosys be hiring foreign students that are here in North Carolina; or will it be hiring American students? The answer seems fairly obvious.



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