Cooper, In Defiance of Voters, Still Trying to Repeal Voter ID Amendment

RALEIGH – If you expected there to be new lines of attack coming from Governor Roy Cooper and North Carolina Democrats, sorry to burst your bubble. The very nature of the Left’s leaders relegates them to the same race-baiting, class warfare pushes for Bigger Government that we’re all used to by now. That means Cooper and the Left are still pushing Medicaid expansion (and framing opposition as mean-spirited enemies of the poor) and opposing Voter ID (implying it is racist minority voter suppression).

The former is a different view of what roles government should play in our economy and lives, but the latter is something different. In fact, when the question of whether to amend our state constitution to include a photo ID requirement to vote was submitted to voters across the State of North Carolina it was broadly supported by a clear majority.

Voters be damned, because Cooper, who apparently knows better than the majority of North Carolinians supporting a common sense measure, is still trying to repeal the duly passed amendment.

Recently Cooper said we don’t need unnecessary, unconstitutional restrictions on people being able to vote. Someone should tell the governor that Voter ID is literally part of the state constitution now.

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He also said we should be able to trust in our election process, and he simply doesn’t think this amendment is ‘necessary.’

“We need to make sure that we don’t have outside interference in our elections, and that we can trust what happens at the voting booth. I believe that we need to provide access to voting for people. More times for people to vote.”

If only their were a straightforward, easily satisfied way for people to trust in our election process; a way to have confidence that your vote is secure and counted; some method, available to everyone, that helps ensure confidence in election outcomes and guard against fears of fraud.

Sarcasm aside, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, challenging Roy Cooper for the Governor’s mansion in 2020, takes issue with Cooper’s wanton disregard for the will of the voters, and points out the inanity of it all.

“Governor Cooper swore to uphold the constitution. However, he is once again attempting to undermine the will of the people by using a single activist judge who says a constitutional amendment is unconstitutional.”

That judge issued an opinion nullifying Voter ID and other constitutional amendments is a dedicated Democrat that took it upon himself to overrule the majority of North Carolinians to benefit Democrats’ political game. It’s was a shameful move by a judicial official and insulting to any judge that takes their constitutionally defined role seriously.

Cooper and a host of other radical Leftists are now asking the Court of Appeals to take the same overreaching, activist approach to the Voter ID amendment before 2020 elections, because, you guessed it, it’s racist. it’s the same old tripe Democrats have been pushing for years and will continue to push for as long as their ideas and policies cannot stand up on their own against core American principles and common sense policies. So, forever.

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