Cooper Goes Full Woke, Carves Out ‘Anti-Racist’ Credentials in New ‘Silence is Violence’ Ad Calling Dan Forest Racist

RALEIGH – In the modern parlance of Wokish, it is not enough to be ‘not racist.’ In fact, it’s impossible to be a non-racist in this new (old) dichotomy set up by the Radical Left. You are either an Anti-racist, or a racist. Full stop.

You and I know how absurd, and dangerous, such a cultural framework is. But now it’s made its way downstream to politics in North Carolina with Roy Cooper breaking the ice with a smear his 2020 opponent Dan Forest as a racist. The basis? Not being sufficiently ‘anti-racist,’ of course.

There it is: Silence is violence. Dan Forest’s ‘silence’ makes him complicit in lynching black people, apparently, according to the woke intimations in Cooper’s ad.

If Roy Cooper is indeed going ‘Full Woke’ for this campaign, the lines could not be drawn any clearer for North Carolina voters.

In so doing, Roy Cooper has proudly taken the position that all white people are complicit in a system of White Supremacy, that any pretense at being non-racist is itself an harbinger of a defensive racist, and silence on any issue related to the Left’s narrative of racism is itself an act of violence.

Cooper’s labeling himself Woke would also suggest that he sympathizes the dismantling of our current system —  the constitutional republic that produced the freest and most prosperous nation on earth — and replace it with another system. Except, it’s doubtful even the Woke Cooper would be allowed to reign considering how many slaves ancestors owned in Nash County.

Yes, if Cooper is now embracing the dogma that silence is suspect, it should be made perfectly clear for voters how Woke Cooper is and what that means. To be woke is to be insane. To be an anti-racist, by the book, is to be be fundamentally anti-American.

It may be pure self-preservation in the face of an insidious cultural/political revolution on the Left, but the Democrat from eastern North Carolina is casting his lot with a decidedly Marxist movement built upon an evil ideology propelled by useful idiots. He might just be one of the biggest idiots out there.

Hopefully enough North Carolinians have their eyes open enough to see it in November.

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