Cooper Demands Midnight Swearing In On New Year’s Eve

Roy Cooper doesn’t want to waste any time pushing his radical leftist agenda on the citizens of North Carolina, as he is demanding to be sworn in right after midnight on New Year’s Eve, a full week before the official inauguration will take place.

Outgoing Governor Pat McCrory was sworn in a few days before his official inauguration, but he didn’t take it to the extreme Cooper is taking it, demanding he be sworn in literally the minute he is legally allowed to take office.

Cooper advisor, and noted anti-military advocate, Ken Eudy said Cooper didn’t want to ‘waste time’ after his transition period was shortened.

“We aren’t where we thought we would be at this point, but we’ll get there,” Eudy said.

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Meaning, the incoming Governor hasn’t had time to be ready to actually take office, so he wants to get in there sooner – logic that only makes sense to liberals.

Eudy also said that because many of Cooper’s appointments require Senate approval after the legislature made changes last week to executive power, that filling those appointments is no more difficult.

That fact, that Cooper is now unable to just appoint whoever he wants to those slots, is a HUGE win for the legislature, who has now saved the state government from a complete radical liberal take over.


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