CONFORM: App State Newspaper Apologizes for Allowing Anti-Social Justice Op-ed

BOONE – ‘Dogma’ is a set of principles laid down by a supreme authority as incontrovertibly true. Usually associated with religion, it is a disturbingly appropriate descriptor of the political Left these days. In their case the supreme authority is the woke class of social justice warriors, and to question their principles is blasphemy. So much does the media kowtow to this dogma, and fear judgement of the authority, that they apologize for daring to publish anything out of step.

That’s exactly what is happening in Boone, as the campus paper for Appalachian State University apologizes to their post-modern overlords for an op-ed that criticized the social justice movement.

Snowflakes poured down on the paper complaining of it’s giving a platform to White Supremacy and similar rehearsed buzzwords of the woke. So what did this op-ed say that triggered so many Leftists as to earn a public apology from the paper?

From Campus Reform:

“Appalachian State University’s student newspaper apologized recently for publishing an op-ed by one of its writers, titled, “Eye-for-an-eye social justice hurts innocent people.” 

Written by student Connor Hughes, the original op-ed in The Appalachian is a thorough discussion of what Hughes finds to be fundamental contradictions between social justice and American jurisprudence. In the piece, Hughes admits that while well-intended, social justice is reliant on “flawed logical and philosophical arguments” that directly conflict with core American principles.

“Expresses borderline white supremacist views”    

Hughes goes on to claim that American jurisprudence aims to provide justice for the individual, as opposed to groups, which he alleges social justice addresses. The student cites social justice attempting to hold the descendants of slave owners accountable and provide reparations to the descendants of slaves. 

Hughes argues that this notion is in opposition to the American justice system’s protection and advancement of individual rights. […]”

That is what some complained ‘expresses borderline white supremacist views.’

Individual rights. The foundation of our nation and the very idea of liberty itself.

While completely ridiculous and yet another example of the ironically fascist intolerance of the Left, at least now their being honest. The Left, a movement rooted in collectivism, is anathema to individual rights as our Founders observed and God intended. It always has been.

Over the last few years we’ve seen them come out into the light, openly wearing the socialist banner and aggressively moving the window of acceptability toward the extreme Left. But as long as the choice is clear — that this is really a choice between individual rights and a Supreme Ruling Council of Woke Social Justice Elders — Americans are that much better equipped to make the right one.

Read more about the App State paper bowing down to their overlords, and what they said to readers, here.

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