COMRADE CUNNINGHAM: Democrat US Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham Caught Singing Praises of Communism

RALEIGH – Democrat Cal Cunningham, who is challenging Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) for an important Senate seat in 2020, has campaigned as a reasonable, accomplished person who’s served his country and defended the American idea in our nation’s armed forces.

That, along with Tillis being so unpopular with his own base, has made for a ‘toss up’ of a race. But reporting by the Washington Free Beacon suggests that Cunningham hasn’t always been a defender of the American idea. Actually, as a college student, Cunningham touted the merits of communism; the antithesis of the American idea.

From Washington Free Beacon:

“[…] Cunningham expounded on the virtues of communism and Marxism during an interview with a UNC student newspaper in 1995 following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Asked if there was “merit” in communist ideology, Cunningham offered a mostly positive assessment, making the familiar argument that true communism hasn’t really been tried.

“There’s very much merit in communist ideology, but you have to be careful how you define it,” he said. “I think that in practice, what we saw in the Soviet Union was totalitarianism in action.” Cunningham, who claimed to have studied Marxist philosophy “quite thoroughly,” went on to say that despite some “fundamental flaws,” there were “a lot of things we can still take” from Marxism. Communism, for all it’s merits, Cunningham argued, is “something that we have more trouble achieving.” […]”

He was Woke before it was cool, and in Chapel Hill no less. This wasn’t just some passing comments as a random student; this was Cal Cunningham as student body president.

Previously, a candidate might run away from their record of openly praising and identifying with Marxism, but this is 2020. The mask has come off, the Woke have arrived, and tearing down America and everything it represents — Individualism, Liberty, Equality — is THE goal.

It’s the same goal shared by Antifa and BLM. To the extent the Democratic Party caters to this radicals, it is Democrats’ goal too.

Conservatives have long been wary of the Left because, even in moderate forms, the tenets espoused by Leftists exist on a clear gradient that falls, as sure as an apple from a tree, toward total collectivism. We’re witnessing now just how that incremental slide down a gentle slope of ‘good intentions’ quickly descends toward a cliff of hellish communism and cultural revolution.

For the benefit of North Carolina voters, at least, we now know that Cal Cunningham is a Comrade in Good Standing. No matter the commercials presenting him as a reasonable option ‘working for the people,’ we know that Cunningham is just as Woke as Antifa and BLM. Do you think he won’t do their bidding as a senator?

Vote wisely.

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