City of Wokes: Protest Ploy Leads to Riots in Raleigh (Again), Clueless Mayor Vows She ‘Won’t Stand By’ and Let City Center and Businesses Suffer

RALEIGH – If you couldn’t see this coming from a mile away, you might intentionally have your eyes closed.

A ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor’ protest was organized and advertised by a bunch of radically Woke groups for Saturday night in the capital city of Raleigh.

Just like the multiple ‘Justice for [Fill in the blank]’ protests from June…and July…and August, this protest descended into wanton destruction and rioting by a bunch of hardcore Leftists, in a scene we’ve witnessed far too many times in North Carolina and across the country this year.

Yet, Raleigh Mayor Mary Ann Baldwin still seemed surprised and dismayed at the post-riot press conference. She also noted that the rioters were “mostly white,” a claim refuted by those mugshots, but, more importantly indicative of the false dichotomy being put forth.

A lot of these violent Antifa thugs are pasty white, 20-somethings; a lot of them check entirely different demographic boxes. Regardless, they are ALL RADICAL LEFTISTS TRYING TO TEAR DOWN THE USA BY SOWING CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION.

Baldwin went on to suggest she didn’t understand the violence, because she and other city leaders have bent over backwards to demonstrate how Woke they are. She also condemned the property damage:

“We do not have the ability nor would we want to stop people from assembling peacefully and speaking but there were those, mostly white, who used this as an excuse to incite violence and cause destruction of our downtown business community. Any message of support for Breonna Taylor was usurped by protesters who do not care about peace. They came here with a goal of destruction. […] If people are encouraging us to violate people’s constitutional rights, no we’re doing that but we’re also not going to allow people to vandalize and destruct our community.”

Just to be clear, this is the FIFTH NIGHT OF RIOTING in Raleigh this year, and city leaders have literally allowed people to vandalize and ‘destruct’ property each time.

They certainly haven’t stopped them. While Baldwin exclaims she will ‘not stand by’ while the downtown community is destroyed, that is literally what she has done each time.

The straw man about banning assemblies is just that, a straw man. Meanwhile, groups like ‘Smash Racism Raleigh’ brag about rioters destroying property while simultaneously whining that police are intimating them.

Finally, this idea that the protests are being ‘hijacked’ or ‘usurped’ by violent radicals bent on destruction is completely naive. In reality, the protests are organized and advertised by the radicals, useful idiots down for the cause attend the listed event to ‘make their voice heard; then, with the ‘mostly peaceful’ cover provided, the radicals activate the riot they organized the event for in the first place, and demonize law enforcement for enforcing the law.

“Manipulating information,” as in, retweeting a reporter who’s sought safety in her car because of threats of violence from the Mob. Yet, the police are the ones escalating violence.

Having experienced this exact same intimidation tactic for filming masked rioters, the only party responsible for escalating violence are the Woke Warriors.

It’s a good thing Mayor Mary Ann Baldwin ‘won’t stand by’ while this happens…

Welcome to the City of Wokes.

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