Has Charlotte Become the San Francisco of the East?

A city / metro area does not merit “icon” status comparison simply by “wanting to be”.  It must prove it deserves it.  It needs “icon cred”.

For decades Charlotte city fathers and city mothers planted peach trees in their backyards and created confusing street names that even native sons and daughters could not figure out.

They hoped, prayed and hoped some more to wake up one fine day and see a headline in some fru fru “metro lifestyle magazine” heralding Charlotte – The New Atlanta.

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Is there such a thing as a NOT-fru fru metro lifestyle magazine?

ANYTHING mentioning Charlotte and Atlanta in the same paragraph sent the civic boosters bunch into euphoric hysterics.

Charlotte and Atlanta both have lots of streets with confusing names that go nowhere. … OR

Charlotte and Atlanta both have lots of grisly crimes and ever-growing racial unrest.

and both have more than their fair shares of very corrupt politicians.

Charlotte’s power suits and pantsuits didn’t care so long as Charlotte merited comparison to that mythical Oz just a few hours down I-85. The city that Margaret Mitchell made famous writing about it being burned down by the Yankees.

FORGET ATLANTA.   Charlotte has now set it’s envy sites at a more cosmopolitan target.

NOTE: Does Charlotte billionaire Bruton Smith have a clue, or give a crap, what “cosmopolitan” means? He might ask Bill Diehl

A recent headlines in Charlotte’s version of a failing McClatchy newspaper  indicates Charlotte is now vying to be …

The San Francisco of The East… WHOA!

What sealed the deal was a YEE HAA headline earlier this week…

IF… that headline had simply been:

“… says Trump supporters should not be allowed to…”
That woulda been ho-hum for these troubling times.

IF… it had been:

Charlotte city council member says “Trump supporters should not be allowed to…”
THAT would have ratcheted up the “huumm” factor a tad.

That headline was:

A Charlotte city council member named DIMPLE says “Trump supporters should not be allowed to…”

A city council member named “Dimple” should headline the Look Out San Francisco, here comes Charlotte campaign.

Charlotte has gained repute for its ever-increasing number of not-so-upscale Gentlemen’s Clubs a.k.a “tacky strip clubs”.  Do any of them have “a Dimple”?



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