Candidate Profile: Allen Chesser, Constitutional Conservative Combat Veteran For 2nd Congressional District

One of the most frustrating things about pulling the lever for a particular political candidate is to watch them make their way to the seat of power and promptly abandon their campaign promises. It is rare that a candidate wins and subsequently follows their rhetoric with action. It is rarer still for those actions to be consistent with liberty.

That is not lost on Allen Chesser, a 32 year old combat veteran from North Carolina that is challenging incumbent Republican Congressman George Holding in North Carolina’s second congressional district. Indeed, Chesser believes his history of leadership proves that he can do what Holding has failed to do – take effective action to promote the principles outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

A family man, dedicated to his faith, Chesser is taking on long odds to upset an incumbent because the future of the country is just too important to sit back and do nothing.

First in Freedom Daily spoke with Chesser to learn more about his story, his campaign, and insure that second district voters can make an educated decision in the primary this spring.


Chesser was raised in North Carolina, and remembers exactly what he was doing when the World Trade Center was struck on September 11, 2001 and how he knew, at that point, what he had to do.

“[9/11] was just a life changing moment for our generation, and so that moment changed me from being some young, dumb nowhere bound high school student to deciding that I wanted to be part of something greater than myself.

I made the decision at that point to join the military, and at the earliest opportunity I could I signed up. It was February 24, 2003, I was still 17 at the time, so that meant my parents had to sign a waiver.”

I wanted to serve a cause that was greater than myself and that was the way to do it.”

I 2005 and 2006 Chesser deployed to Iraq and served over 100 combat missions as a turret gunner, running convoy security and recovery missions. The experiences laid the foundations for his leadership qualities.

Once leaving the military, Chesser followed with a four year stint in law enforcement, first in Nagshead and then as a member of the Raleigh Police Department, before starting his own bail bonds and fugitive recovery business.

“I opened up my own company doing bail bonds and fugitive recovery – fugitive recovery was the part that I was doing. I wasn’t very good at keeping people out of jail, but I was really good at putting people in. Essentially I was a bounty hunter.”

That kind of tenacity could serve second district voters well when it comes to holding politicians accountable when they wander from their advertised principles.

“I’ve always had a model of leadership that was servant based. I believe in servant based leadership. I don’t believe that you lead because you’re higher than people; you lead with people; you lead as part of your team. The military teaches you that: leadership from the bottom.

That’s what I’ve carried with me through my military experiences, and my law enforcement experience, is trying to lead alongside people. Not beating people over the head with authority. I think I bring that, and [George Holding’s] track record has proven that he doesn’t.”

Chesser has personally experienced the faults in Holding’s leadership, pointing out that his constituent services 0 where the office really touches the people – has fallen short.

“He doesn’t hold events; constituent services have suffered greatly, not mention the veteran services have suffered greatly in the district.”

There are approximately 61,000 veterans in the second district, which buts up against Cumberland County, home to Fort Bragg and other military installations.

“Veterans services should be a huge deal. I myself struggled when I was going through the issue with my injury to find answers through the VA, and I went through Congressman Holding’s office to get some assistance and speed the process up because I was being told that it was going to take three years. When you have kids, and a wife, and no job, three years is not sufficient, not acceptable.

Not that I was expecting a hand out or anything like that, but when i called the congressman’s office I was expecting, as a combat veteran from North Carolina that served honorably, I was expecting a little help. All I got was duplicate documentation.”

Chesser received the same info packet from Holding’s office that the Veterans Administration hands out, merely adding a cover letter.

“They weren’t using their position to put pressure to increase services provided, they just wanted it to look like they were providing services. I believe that there’s a certain weight that comes with this position that could be used to benefit people that deserve to be benefited.”

I’m a firm believer that instead of express lines for citizens of other countries, we need to take care of our veterans first.”

When it comes to political philosophy, Chesser is grounded in the principles of Individualism embodied in the U.S. Constitution, and will back up his beliefs with actions.

“The constitutional principles that our country was founded on will be a huge focus of my campaign. The reason our country is in the mess that we’re in right now and slowly drifting away to collectivism, instead of individual rights, is because we don’t adhere to the Constitution and the founding principles.

I believe in principles, and I believe that principles require action. So, not only do I have a belief pattern, but I believe it is incumbent upon me to take action to thereby show people principles. Principles without action are just rhetoric.”

My history has shown that I don’t just believe in a cause; I’ll go fight for it.

Collectivism is the second greatest threat to our freedom right now. I believe the first in the national debt. I am a Christian and the Bible says that the borrower is slave to the lender, and right now we’re sitting where our national debt is higher than our GDP. How in the world can we expect our children to pay that off if we don’t start taking steps. It grows exponentially ever year.”

If granted the privilege of representing the second district in congress, Chesser said he would be honored to join the House Freedom Caucus under the leadership of fellow North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows. Standing for individual liberties, said Chesser, even when it’s not popular among the politicians is his primary focus because he knows it is extremely popular among the electorate,  just not popular in congress.

Most politicians get to the Swamp and quickly get covered in the muck of special interests, and according to Chesser, Rep. Holding has not been immune.

“[Holding]said that the corrupting influence in Washington is lobbyists and PAC money, and he promised never to take it because it’s a corrupting influence and now that’s what he’s campaigning on is all PAC money.”

Someone asked if I would take campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood. I think my stance on Planned Parenthood has been made pretty clear, so if Planned Parenthood wants to contribute to their own demise, absolutely I’ll take their money. They’d absolutely understand what they’re investing in – I would actively fight against them.

I have no desire to be bought. I’m not going up there to get rich; I’m not going up there to be famous; I’m going up there to actually fight for the principles I believe in, and what I think a large majority of Americans still believe in, if the last election cycle tells us anything.”

One of the more at risk principles in Washington, D.C. these days is support for the Second Amendment. With his military and law enforcement background, along with his principled foundation, Chesser laments the weakness politicians have demonstrated when faced with pressure from the gun control lobby.

“The Second Amendment is the only amendment that doesn’t have a caveat in it. So, your freedom of assembly and stuff like that have a caveat in it like so long that it’s not violent, so there’s a caveat and a reason that that right can be taken away. The Second Amendment is one where there’s not a caveat for it – it just says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Grammar is important. Like Thomas Jefferson said, when you’re addressing of constitutional authority you have to go back to the original theme of the debate when constitution was written and the original meaning of the text. The section about the militia and the rights being granted to the people are separated by a comma. So, the right to bear arms is actually granted to the people, not the just the militia, and it clearly states, ‘Shall not be infringed.’ There’s no caveat in that one. It is the most direct, most straight forward amendment that we have.”

While Democrats are racing to the Left, and Republicans too often race to the Center, Chesser is intent on offering voters a choice on the ballot that represents integrity and authenticity.

“I’ve tried to make people understand, and the part about politics that aggravates me the most is, I’m authentic. I respect people too much to waste their time with false narratives. I’m just going to tell you the truth so we can figure out whether we agree, disagree and work our way forward.

The problem is, even on the Republican side of the ticket, so many candidates have come before and said things similar to what I say and not meant it. It’s just rhetoric. The hard part is showing people it’s not rhetoric for me, and it’s never been about rhetoric; it’s about action and doing what is right because it’s right.”


As such, taking the action to vote for Chesser in the 2018 Second District Republican Primary may just be the right thing to do. Young, conservative, principled, and vigorous leadership is always in short supply when it comes to Capitol Hill.

To learn more about Candidate Allen Chesser head on over to his website. Familiarize yourself with a young, proven leader that is sure to make waves regardless of the outcome of 2018 elections. If you get the same sense of an authentic Christian conservative that we did, support his campaign and point your friends and family to his page as well.

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