Calls for Removal of New Congressman Madison Cawthorn….Because He Gave an Innocuous Speech

NC-11 – The fever is spreading. Anyone seeking to maintain their credentials on the Left is racing to identify and destroy anyone that can be in anyway connected to the Democrats’ narrative of ‘insurrection.’ Having served as a big target from the beginning of his campaign, newly sworn-in Congressman Madison Cawthorn, is again facing absolutely ridiculous charges from detractors that, evidently, find him so threatening to the Left’s agenda.

The headline on the opinion piece int he Asheville Citizen-Times reads: Madison Cawthorn, the insurrectionist.

Wow. So, you might ask yourself, did Congressman Cawthorn storm the U.S. Capitol building last week? Did he engage in violence to ‘Stop the Steal’?

No; he gave an innocuous speech to a crowd of conservative Trump supporters, in which he used the term, “fight.”

From the Citizen-Times’ opinion columnist John Boyle:

“I suspected our newly minted congressman — the clearly unqualified, under-educated and far-right radical Madison Cawthorn — would do some remarkably stupid stuff in the Capitol.

I just didn’t think it would come so quickly, or involve insurrection — and a fatal shooting. Surely, the events of Jan. 6 and the days before it will lead some to wonder if the 25-year-old political wunderkind, accused groper of young women, serial liar and seeming admirer of Hitler should be a candidate for removal from office. 

For weeks now, Cawthorn has joined scores of other members of the House of Representatives in making it known he would contest President-elect Joe Biden’s obvious and clear-cut victory in the presidential race. Cawthorn has echoed widely debunked conspiracy theories peddled by sore loser President Donald Trump, who can’t produce any real evidence but keeps stating the election was “rigged” and riddled with widespread fraud. […]

Then, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, at a rally in Washington, D.C., Cawthorn further whipped the Trump-supporting crowd into a frenzy with this line: “My friends, I want you to chant with me so loud that the cowards in Washington, D.C. that I serve with can hear you — USA, USA, USA…”

We saw on television what happened later that day, as Trump’s supporters overran the Capitol, resulting in a riot that led directly to the shooting death of one Trump supporter. […]”

Boyle, after recounting previous (and also laughable) charges the Left has made against the young conservative, calls for his removal from office for ‘whipping the crowd into a frenzy’ with a chant of USA! USA!

Now, you might be rolling your eyes, or laughing out loud, but Boyle isn’t writing these words for you. He writes for cohort that actually believes that Cawthorn, in speaking at the event last week, actually helped incite an insurrection.

This people are sick, for years suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. The symptoms are merely becoming more and more acute as the end of Trump’s first term comes to a dramatic end.

Of course, no one in their right mind believes that anything Cawthorn said that day, or ever, amounts to a call for violent insurrection. To the contrary, the evidence to confirm the peaceful intentions of Cawthorn and other pro-Trump speakers abounds. It is in the transcripts of the very same speeches, clear in oft repeated themes throughout Cawthorn’s young political career, and those of conservative politicians everywhere, and shared by those people chanting USA! USA! USA!

But Boyle and the Left want you to join them in the delusion that Cawthorn, other speakers, and Trump himself incited an insurrection. It is up to each one of us to fight these narratives at every turn, establish truth, and defend it with honor.

Uh oh….we mean ‘challenge these narratives non-violently…’ We don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.

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