So-Called “Conservative Effectiveness Ratings” for NC General Assembly Leave Much to be Desired

Civitas is out with their Conservative Effectiveness ratings for the 2017 North Carolina General Assembly. First of all, I’m taking a little bit of an exception with some of the things they’re calling “conservative” votes.   For instance, the resolution on the Convention of States DOES have some credible conservative arguments against it.   OH, and Jimmy Dixon’s protection for the big corporate hog farmers? Supporting THAT is hardly a conservative vote.

Oh, and it’s arguable to call overriding Cooper’s veto of the budget “conservative.” It was loaded with PORK and defended by Republicans with a lot of the same class-warfare rhetoric Dems like to use.  (Oh, and the glaring absence of the HB2 surrender …)

So, here we go.  Chris Millis had the only 100 – perfect score in the House.  Cary’s Nelson Dollar earned the distinction of being the most liberal Republican (53.8)  in the House.

Union County’s Mark Brody came in a close second to Millis with a score of 91.7.   The law firm of Blust, Collins, Pittman and Speciale tied for third with scores of 84.6 percent.

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Stanly County’s Justin Burr finished with a disappointing 69.2 — as did Harnett’s David Lewis and Speaker Tim Moore.  (Moore County’s Jamie Boles finished with a lackluster 63.6.)



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