Bombshell Revelations Lead to Filing of Federal Lawsuit in to Stop “Sue-and-Settle” Elections Scam by AG Stein and Cooper’s Campaign Lawyer

NC Attorney General Josh Stein

RALEIGH – The Democrats wish this would go away. You can tell how much they want it to go away because they are lashing out at Republican lawmakers in completely unintelligible ways.

The issue at hand is one of collusion and deception at the State Board of Elections in an effort by Democrats to change absentee voting rules contrary to state law, but settling a lawsuit with egregious concessions while keeping the Republican Board members in the dark. Minutes from a closed session of the Board revealed that the discussion differed greatly from the details of the ‘deal’ made with an attorney that literally worked to get Governor Roy Cooper elected.

From N.C. Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham):

“Meeting minutes from the Sept. 15 closed session of the State Board of Elections reveal a bombshell. The collusive settlement “negotiated” between the Democratic attorneys with the Board of Elections, the N.C. Department of Justice and national Democrats went way beyond the bounds of what the state Board of Elections had originally authorized.

At the very beginning of the meeting, Democratic attorneys falsely told Republican Board members that “privilege” forbade them from speaking to anybody about the collusive settlement. This apparent effort to muzzle the Republican members further supports the fact that Democrats went to great lengths to conceal their secret negotiations with Marc Elias.

Minutes clearly show that Board of Elections members authorized settlement terms that included keeping the witness requirement on absentee ballots and prohibiting unmanned ballot drop boxes.

But the collusive settlement announced this week does the exact OPPOSITE of what the Board authorized. If accepted by a judge, the settlement would violate state law by allowing absentee ballots with no witness information. All the “voter” would have to do is sign a form, which also does not require a witness. That effectively eliminates the witness requirement.

Board members knew this and spoke against making such a decision during closed session.

According to the meeting minutes, Democratic board member Stella Anderson said, “If we say that the voter can cure no witness signature, we are exempting them from the witness requirement. This is problematic.” Ms. Anderson then noted that any cure affidavit “could be exploited” by the same person who sent in the ballot without the witness signature.

Members of the State Board of Elections were also against establishing unmanned ballot drop boxes. Yet, the settlement allows ballots placed in unmanned drop boxes to be counted. The collusive settlement agreement says a county board “may not disapprove a ballot solely because it is placed in a drop box.” That policy allows the use of unmanned drop boxes.

“It is beyond troubling that this collusive settlement completely disregarded clear directions from the State Board of Elections. The members of the board spoke out about the necessity of the witness requirement, but the collusive settlement effectively eliminates it,” Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) said. “Instead of increasing election security in the shadow of election fraud from 2018, Democrats led by Attorney General’s office and national Democrats’ go-to attorney Marc Elias took it upon themselves to rewrite and ignore state law in an attempt to game the elections system.” […]”

You can click here to review what, exactly, the collusive settlement will do to voting rules.

That bombshell has now led to the filing of a federal lawsuit. From N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore:

“North Carolina lawmakers, voters, and a Congressional candidate, have filed a federal lawsuit to stop the the backroom elections deal struck by Democrats’ top D.C. attorney with his former client Gov. Roy Cooper and state Attorney General Josh Stein.
The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order against the scheme and follows a press conference Friday that detailed the secret settlement reached by the Democratic Attorney General with a Democratic Party front group he recently gave the keynote address to at an annual convention – on elections.
When confronted Friday with the stunningly collusive optics of the “settlement” he struck with the top elections attorney for the Democratic Party, Attorney General Stein called a reporter’s concerns “noise.” […]”
‘Noise,’ huh?
Attorney General Josh Stein would love for this ‘noise’ to quiet down, especially because the details of this deception involve his office in a major way.
It also remind us of other ‘noises’ Stein made in 2018. When discussing potential for voting fraud, Stein said, “the bulk of fraud occurs absentee.”
So, of course, Stein doesn’t want us to hear all this ‘noise’ about a collusive settlement in which the Democrats connivingly made it even EASIER for fraud to be perpetrated with absentee ballots in a year in which more than ONE MILLION absentee ballots have been requested.
More from Speaker Moore:
“Over 1 million North Carolinians requested their absentee ballots, and over 220,000 returned them prior to the State Board of Elections attempting to arbitrarily change state law, the lawsuit notes, asserting the consent agreement thus violates the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.
The board is administering the election in “an arbitrary and nonuniform manner” that inhibits North Carolinians who have already cast their ballot from voting on an equal basis with citizens who would vote after, the lawsuit contends, actions that would “allow otherwise unlawful votes to be counted, thereby deliberately diluting and debasing lawful votes.”
The filing notes that courts have repeatedly upheld the same statutes the State Board of Elections is now trying to unilaterally reform without authority, and the Rules Review Commission previously rejected their efforts in a unanimous 9-0 vote. […]”
Democrats want voters to believe this is a distraction, just ‘noise,’ but it is becoming apparent that it’s much more than that.
Don’t count on hearing a lot of attention paid to this by the legacy media, those Left-leaning outlets invested in Democrat victory in November.
Read more about the damning revelations, and the lawsuit, here and here.

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