Blind Eye: Democrats Only Concerned with THIS Election’s Voter Fraud

9TH DISTRICT – But what about the other elections?

The steady drip of developments in the investigation of possible voter fraud in the 9th Congressional District election is painting a picture of a culture of vote fraud going back years in this corner of the state. Leslie McCrae Dowless is at the center of the storm, being the apparent point man for absentee ballot drives that employed illegal tactics to turn out the vote.

Mr. Specht is probably downright giddy that Leftists like Chris Hayes of MSNBC are retweeting him. Actually, the whole of the Left is downright giddy about the 9th District scandal precisely because it calls the Republican victory into question and, at the very least, gives the appearance of Republicans employing illegal vote harvesting tactics.

They’re calling for new elections, ignorantly rubbing the news in the faces of Republican proponents of Voter ID, and ignoring altogether that, even if one throws out the spoiled bunch of absentee ballots in question in the 9th District, it wouldn’t change the result of the election.

The latter point is brushed aside as Democrats in North Carolina, and around the country, claim the mantle of election integrity. While we doubt they are serious about insuring integrity in elections, except for cases where they can knock Republican wins, we’re glad to have their attention.

Perhaps they’ll actually follow the trail of voter fraud back a few years (or decades) in this area of the state and report what they find.

Oh, who are we kidding? The Democrats and the mainstream media, which is a redundancy is terms, have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually investigating fraud that may have improperly benefited their ‘Dear Leader’ Gov. Roy Cooper.

They are literally still opposing a Voter ID bill because they say that fraud doesn’t exist, while at the same time accusing the Republicans of sweeping voter fraud under the rug!

If you are so concerned with absentee vote fraud (we should be), why would you not be equally concerned with other forms of vote fraud? Because it doesn’t serve YOUR purposes?

We’d suggest that Republicans do exactly what Democrats seem to be clamoring for – craft legislation that makes absentee voting more secure and end opportunities for people like Leslie McCrae Dowless to harvest people’s absentee ballots illegally.

In the meantime, all of these reporters focused on the 9th District should follow the evidence to its logical conclusion: illegal vote harvesting practices have been going on for years and years, and the perpetrators are For Hire. How many Democrats do you think have hired characters like Dowless to ‘turn out the vote’ for them over the years?

That may be to uncomfortable a truth for these ‘journalists’ to pursue.

For our part, we are all aboard the ‘Let’s get to the bottom of this!’ train. Let’s pursue ALL evidence of voter fraud where the information is still retrievable; craft legislation that makes absentee voting far more secure; and, if new elections are to be the standard for any election with evidence of some fraud, let’s have a new election for governor, too.

Who’s with us?

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